Combating Senior Isolation

Isolation during this pandemic is increasingly becoming an issue for all of us.  But for our seniors, especially ones with few family members, this can be a significant challenge as they work to remain independent and in their own homes.  Senior isolation can result in a number of detrimental factors like depression, anxiety, cognitive decline, increased risk of falls, physical health decline, and a higher risk of mortality. In a pandemic, socialization is more important than ever for older adults.

TRU PACE is introducing a new volunteer program designed to offer a fresh, fun socialization option for their older adult participants.  TRU PACE has created an “Adopt-a-Grandparent” program, where members of the community can “adopt” one of the program’s participants to offer enjoyable social engagement every week.  Through this unique program, TRU PACE participants and their volunteers can communicate in a variety of ways, like email, letters, phone calls and Zoom meetings.  Even trading funny cartoons or jokes goes a long way in helping a senior who has become more isolated.  While the Adopt-a-Grandparent program can be satisfying for both the TRU PACE participant and volunteer, it can also positively impact the physical wellbeing of the older adult, which is especially important during times of stress. By becoming an Adopt-a-Grandparent volunteer, community members can make an important difference in the lives of older adults – and create lasting connections of mutual learning and enjoyment.

TRU PACE is a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly.  The program is designed to help seniors age successfully while remaining in their own homes.  The program offers numerous benefits such as coordinated health care, transportation, social services, in-home care and more.  The end result is the program is in constant and regular interaction with their participants. The Adopt-a-Grandparent is another in its portfolio of innovative ways to support seniors.

“We are so excited to kick off this new program for our participants.  We have always offered innovative ways to meet the needs of our participants whether it is daily phone calls, Zoom/Telehealth calls, Zoom group activities, Zoom counseling and now the Adopt a Grandparent program.  Senior isolation during this pandemic can be a real problem and the impacts are substantial and critical.  We are committed to new and creative ways to combat this issue,” said Samantha Black, Executive Director for TRU PACE.

If this is a program you’d like to become involved with, please look for TRU PACE on Facebook or via the following link:

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