Colorado Senior Softball Readies for 2017 Season

The Board of Directors of the Colorado Senior Softball Association (CSSA) is preparing for the 2017 season. The Spring Managers Meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 8th at the Denver Elks Club. Teams planning to play in the 2017 season should have a representative present to hear plans for the season and to pick up information and forms needed for the teams to register and play this season.

CSSA is a nonprofit organization that organizes and manages a softball league as a means for recreation and exercise for senior citizens, 50 years of age and above. The league is managed by a Board of Directors made up of members from the Recreation Centers and from the ranks of players who volunteer their time. Teams play through the numerous recreation and senior centers throughout the front-range area, with teams participating as far south as Castle Rock, as far north as Greeley and Longmont, west to Evergreen and east to Aurora. Teams are divided into divisions based on competitive level and schedules are developed. Games are played in the regular season schedule that runs from the third week in April until early August. End-of-season tournaments are then played in August.

The league organizes the regular senior teams (50 years of age and above) into seven divisions who play double-headers on Wednesday mornings, and the 70’s teams (70 years of age and above) into three divisions who play double-headers on Monday mornings. In 2016, there were forty-nine regular teams and twenty-one 70’s teams who participated.

More information can be found by checking the CSSA website at, by calling your local recreation or senior center, or by calling the CSSA Commissioner, Stan Harbour, at 303-721-8037.

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