Colorado has a new Ms. Colorado Senior American 2017 – Ms. Jeannine Montgomerie

Jeannine Montgomerie, Ms. Colorado Senior America 2017.

Jeannine Montgomerie, Ms. Colorado Senior America 2017.

Congratulations, Ms. Jeannine Montgomerie, of Aurora, who was crowned Ms. Colorado Senior America 2017 at the Pageant held on Sunday, April 23rd, at the Lakewood Cultural Art Center.  This marked the 23rd Anniversary of the annual pageant, created to give honor to women who have reached the age of elegance, 60+ years of age.  This year’s exciting theme was “Life is a Parade” created by Production Manager Jan Harley, and crew – Judy Rowe, Buddi Boryla, and Pat McHenry.  The event was festive and colorful!

It was an exciting afternoon of talented senior ladies.  Ms. Montgomerie was voted Queen by the distinguished panel of judges, Ky Agnew, Cindy Applehans, Renee Soltanovich, Karlyn Tilley, and Linda Vaughn.  The judging criteria was based on private interview, presentation of Philosophy of Life, poise and elegance in evening gowns, and talent.

 The talent this year was first-rate.  The pageant had baton twirling, salsa and flamenco dancing, comedy, dramatic readings, and of course lots of singing.   Ms. Montgomerie took command of the stage singing the hit song “I Could Have Danced All Night” from the play “My Fair Lady”.

Ms. Montgomerie and her husband, Chuck, have been married for 43 years.  They have 4 children and 10 grandchildren.   She has worked as a registered nurse for 19 years, 12 years in long term care as a caregiver, Director of Nursing and Regional nurse.  Ms. Montgomerie is an active volunteer, appearing with the Heather Gardens Frolics Group, outreach ministry and prison ministry, and Hospice Volunteer.    As Ms. Montgomerie says, “ No matter where you live, everyday offers opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life, develop new and lasting friendships and try something new.”
To learn more about the Ms. Colorado Senior America pageant and the Cameo Club please visit our website –

Queen Ms. Jeannine Montgomerie and the Ms. Colorado Senior America Pageant Cameo Club are available to perform for your organization, club, or other venue.  To book a showcase, call Ramona Delaney, 303-759-8148 or Annette Germinario,1-817-233-8500.

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