Colorado Gives Day… A Way to Support Your Favorite Charity

Eileen DohertyDenver, Colo. — Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on the generosity of donors to be able to serve those in need in our community.

The Community First Foundation and FirstBank announce the fifth consecutive Colorado Gives Day on December 9, 2014. Donors come together as part of this movement to give to nonprofits in their community and throughout Colorado. Coloradoans are most generous and have raised $58.1million for Colorado non-profit organizations in the past four years.

The purpose of Colorado Gives Day is to raise money. Another most important goal is to raise awareness of non-profit organizations who are providing critical services each and every day to supplement the work of government and the for-profit sector. Colorado Gives Day also supports the benefits of online giving making it easy for donors to give to their favorite non-profit organization.

FirstBank has partnered to create a $1 million Incentive Fund. Nonprofit organizations receive an additional percentage of the Incentive Fund raised in the proportion to the total raised on December 9.

The Colorado Gerontological Society is no different than hundreds of other nonprofits in Colorado. Our work is supported by the generosity of hundreds of donors in the community. Most recently, Hearing Rehab Center donated $330,000 worth of hearing aids to 120 low income seniors throughout Colorado as part of Make a Difference Day. Other donors include: Denver Ear Associates, Advanced Audiology Hearing & Tinnitus Center, New Leaf Hearing Clinic, HearingLife of Arvada, HearingLife of Northglenn, Marion Down Center, Mark’s Optical, Eye Vision Downtown, Golden Eye Optical, Look Optical Martinez Dental and Aurora Dental Group.

Each year more than 125 volunteers from all over the front-range come together to deliver more than 200 Holiday Baskets to low income seniors in the metro area under the auspices of The Society. Food and gifts are donated by a host of agencies including Colorado Access, Kaiser Permanente, United Health Care, Charles Schwab, Emily Griffith Opportunity School, Vivage, Mountain States Employer Council, Bonfils Blood Center, Christian Living Campuses, ElderLink, Xcel Energy, Shield Health Care, Rocky Mountain Health Plans, Jeffco Department of Human Services, and many others. AIH Rebuilders is delivering an additional 45 baskets this year through a special campaign. Older adults received food and gifts worth more than $25,000.

Donations are the strength of The Society. Hundreds of dollars are donated each year to help with the costs of training programs, advocacy for seniors, marketing and outreach support, and direct services.

As with any non-profit, The Society is in need of your support on December 9, 2014. A donation of just $10 or $20 on Colorado Gives Day will help us to buy more food for the Holiday Baskets or to give the gift of hearing to a grandmother who can’t hear her grandchild laugh and cry.

As any non-profit member, The Society supports our work through individual donations and memberships. By making your donation at you will help us continue to serve you and your clients. You can also visit us at or by calling 303-333-3482 to learn more about our activities.

Eileen Doherty, MS has been the Executive Director of the Colorado Gerontological Society since 1982. She has almost 40 years of experience in education and training, advocacy, clinical practice, and research in the field of gerontology. She is an adjunct instructor at Fort Hays State University teaching non-profit management. She can be reached at 303-333-3482 or at

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