Coloradans Turning Out In Record Numbers to Serve as Election Judges

DENVER, Colo- Coloradans are expressing their enthusiasm for the upcoming November 3 election by applying to serve as Election Judges in record numbers.  Over 6,300 people have signed up to work the election through the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, more than for any other election in recorded state history, and many more have signed up through individual county clerk offices.

“We announced a new judge recruitment initiative in the spring, and it’s great to see so many Coloradans respond to the call to serve,“ said Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold.  “Election judges play an important role in Colorado’s elections and have a front-row seat to the democratic process. As the youngest Secretary of State in the nation, I applaud every Coloradan, especially young people, for getting involved to help ensure Colorado’s elections remain the best in the nation.” 

“Jeffco residents have shown overwhelming interest in helping our Elections division carry out an accessible and secure election this year,” said George Stern, Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder. “We received nearly 3,000 election judge applications—about five times the number of positions we are hiring for. In addition to our experienced returning judges, we are pleased to welcome many folks who are getting involved for the first time, including a larger number of young residents than ever before.”

“It’s incredibly heartening to see the excitement with which Coloradans are applying to serve as Election Judges and participate in our Democratic process,” said Colorado First Gentleman Marlon Reis. “Colorado is known for our safe and secure elections system and I have no doubt this year will reaffirm that reputation. I hope the energy around our elections process is also a reflection of how Coloradans will turn out to vote. I applaud all those who are getting involved and encourage all Coloradans to find ways to support the process and turn out the vote.”

For the November General Election, the Secretary of State’s office is funding two initiatives to help counties recruit and maintain Election Judges during the COVID-19 national health crisis.  The Secretary of State’s office instituted a $1 million statewide grant program for counties to increase pay for judges and is enabling counties to provide sick pay to help judges to stay home if they’re not feeling well.  The Secretary of State has also encouraged younger voters to get involved.  As a result, nearly a quarter of those who signed up through the Secretary of State’s office are ages 35 and under, with the youngest applicants being 16 years old.   

The majority of counties at this point have enough judges to conduct the election, but some are still looking for those who can work multiple days leading up to November 3.  If you are interested in becoming an Election Judge, please contact your county clerk to determine if there is still a need. You can also still sign up here with the Secretary of State’s office and your application will be forwarded to the appropriate clerk.      

Ballots for the November 3 General Election will be mailed by counties to active registered voters beginning October 9.  To update your registration or register to vote, please visit

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