Changing the Face of Aging

— Juniper Communities Celebrates 25 Years of Changing the Face of Aging —

Juniper Village at Aurora invites the community to mark the 25th anniversary of its parent company Juniper Communities on Thursday, May 16 from 4-6 pm.

Twenty-five years ago, Juniper Communities emerged on the senior housing scene in what was then a fledgling industry. In a nation obsessed with youth, Juniper set out to change the face of aging and how it was viewed by developing living environments for the elderly from one focused on a grim trajectory, to one that supported the belief that a special grace can be found in aging; and, life should be lived and celebrated to the fullest extent possible every day. This would be done by celebrating the mind, body and spirit of each resident served to the fullest extent possible. In Juniper’s words, this meant that each individual should be able to be Alive in All Seasons of life.

Fourteen years ago, Juniper Village at Aurora was established. The assisted living community for those individuals who are memory impaired, primarily as the result of Alzheimer’s disease, is home to 52 residents.

Lynne Katzmann, Founder and CEO explains Juniper’s philosophy on aging, “Today, we are a society that seeks longevity but fears old age and therefore is caught in a debilitating contradiction. Aging is not a disease in search of a cure; it is a stage in search of respect. The physical and mental limitations of the elderly should not be looked upon as failures that need to be fixed; but limitations and challenges to be faced.”

For more information, call Juniper Village at Aurora at (303) 341-6335.

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