Celebrating Rabbi Mo’s 10-Year Tenure with Temple Micah

 05/08/2013 | 09:39 AM 
Run, walk, Schmooze!

Run, walk, Schmooze!

Rising early on a brisk, sunny morning between Denver’s April blizzards, congregants and friends of Temple Micah set out to celebrate 10 years with Rabbi Adam Morris. Run, Walk, Schmooze! – Temple Micah’s Timeless Tribute to Rabbi’s 10-Year Sprint was surely the best — and only — such milestone in this popular park’s annals. After all, how many local temples are run by a spiritual leader who also runs marathons, as he does?

This fun, untimed 5K run, walk and talk – participants could traverse at any speed and/or simply sit and schmooze at the Celebration Picnic — drew about 300 feet of diverse ages and varied fleetness. From a resonant Shofar Start (blown on a ram’s horn) to the satisfied sighs in reaching generously donated chocolate cake beyond the finish line, the 150 revelers roamed around Washington Park as good sports in bright blue t-shirts declaring their first decade of togetherness with “Rabbi Mo.”

Also, a Shabbat Service Celebrating Rabbi Mo’s 10-year Tenure with Temple Micah takes place at 6:00 p.m. Friday, May 17 at 2600 Leyden St., Denver. Linger afterward to congratulate him and enjoy refreshments hosted by the board of trustees.

Here are excerpts from what Temple Micah’s current president and several of its prior presidents say about Rabbi Morris and his relationship with the congregation.

“For the past 10 years, Rabbi Mo has led our congregation in the true spirit of our mission, to ‘Do Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly.’ I know for myself, and I know this to be true for many of you, as well, when asked why I joined Temple Micah, the answer was short and simple:  Rabbi Mo.

  • who can relate to young children, teenagers, young adults, older adults and boomers with a sensitivity and sincerity that leaves you with the feeling that you are the most important person to him at that moment.
  • who can lead a Funky Friday service combining Jewish liturgy with contemporary music as comfortably as a High Holiday service, paying honor to our traditions and heritage.
  • who conducts life-cycle events that speak to the heart and soul of those who are celebrating, commemorating or grieving.
  • who teaches us about Judaism as it relates to our contemporary life in a way that respects whatever our beliefs about Judaism are.
  • who is committed to furthering the Micah culture of inclusiveness and acceptance.” – Michael Clapman (current president)

“I’m just thankful that Rabbi Mo maintained as rabbi of our synagogue. The celebration this morning let me know this feeling is shared by so many. On to the 20th-year celebration.” — Judy Goldberg
“I am eternally grateful to the leadership of the temple and to Rabbi Mo that their efforts to grow the congregation made my projections sufficiently close to reality so that we have been able to support Rabbi Mo as the full-time rabbi of Temple Micah for the last 10 years.” — Stephen Dreskin
“I got to experience the rabbi’s magic as an educator when I studied one on one with him for an adult bar mitzvah. Thus, I got to interact with our rabbi as our kids interact with the rabbi with every-other-week meetings and homework assignments. I also gained an understanding of what attracts and keeps the young families coming to Micah – the rabbi’s ability to make what he’s teaching relevant.” — Hal Bruno
“Other former presidents have mentioned today what a great leader and teacher Rabbi Mo is.  All true. But he’s more than that. A few years ago, at the request of my older daughter, Abbie, my family went around the dinner table, naming our closest friends. When it was my turn, I mentioned a few names and added ‘Rabbi Mo.’  ‘Can you really be friends with a rabbi?’ Emma, my younger daughter, asked me. ‘Yes,’ I assured her, ‘when you find the right rabbi.'”— Mark Grueskin
“This celebration today is about the rabbi and about the congregation. The matching of rabbi and congregation is one of fear and seeking and hope and dreams; as in any relationship of significant others, it is entered hoping that each is meeting the needs and ambitions of the other and of themselves and it has been, as we continue on this journey.”— Louis Wolfe

Another past president, Judith Cassel-Mamet, has been instrumental in planning the 10-year rabbi-temple anniversary commemorations with a team of volunteers and staff. Find out more about Temple Micah at http://www.micahdenver.org or from Elaine Lee, membership and communications director, 303-388-4239 x1.


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