The Argument for Medicare for All and Mandated Long-Term Care

With the 2020 presidential election looming, “Medicare for All” has been one of this presidential  election cycle’s major lightning rod issues. The proposal of government backed, long-term care in the form of a Medicare for All package or with enforced mandates stipulating that all health insurance companies must provide long-term care to their customers, has […]

Congress: End Surprise Billing While Protecting Colorado Seniors

By Ken Jenson, Owner Amada Senior Care ~ For seniors, accessing the healthcare services and treatments on which they rely can be an overwhelming task fraught with obstacles ranging from mobility and transportation issues to fixed incomes and high prescription drug costs—among many others. That is part of the reason I launched Amada Senior Care […]

Homeowners, Now Is Your Chance!

Do you have a problem with your HOA? For decades, Coloradans had nowhere to turn if their HOA did something wrong. But soon—good news!—a series of meetings will allow everyone affected by HOAs to say what’s wrong and suggest how to fix it. You haven’t heard of these meetings? You’re not alone.

Op-ed submission by Denver City Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman

In my district, some 3,000 seniors live in the Windsor Gardens community. One of their biggest concerns when it comes to infrastructure is sidewalks. Being a budding senior myself, I know how hard it can be to get around, especially if you’re in a wheelchair or use a walker. That’s why I’m delighted significant improvements […]

New Taxes and Seniors

The DEVIL is always in the details. What is the impact on VOTERS in Brighton, and elsewhere throughout Colorado, of a new 3.75% tax on businesses bringing new equipment into entrepreneurial endeavors into our Brighton community?

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