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Get Your Benefit Verification Letter Online

Do you need a letter from Social Security verifying your benefits? The fastest, easiest, most convenient way to get a benefit verification letter these days is to go online to www.socialsecurity.gov. You may need a benefit verification letter for a number of reasons.

Social Security Reveals the Most Popular Baby Names in Colorado for 2012

The Social Security Administration today announced the most popular baby names in Colorado for 2012. Liam and Emma topped the list. The top five boys and girls names for 2012 in Colorado were: Boys: Girls: 1) Liam 1) Emma 2) Alexander 2) Sophia 3) Jacob 3) Olivia 4) William 4) Isabella 5) Noah 5) Ava

Declare Your Independence With my Social Security

Independence Day is a good time to declare your independence from heavy traffic, long lines, and visits to crowded offices by taking important matters into your own hands. When it comes to doing business with Social Security, you can! Anytime, anywhere Social Security’s website is waiting to let you take care of important matters yourself, […]

Identity theft – It’s no joke

When the first of April comes, you may be on guard to protect yourself from an April Fool’s Day prank. But every day of the year, you should be wary of identity thieves. Identity theft is no joking matter. Identity thieves victimize millions of people each year. Identity thieves have some sly tricks to obtain […]

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