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Think You Don’t Have Time to Start Seeing a Primary Care Doc? Think Again!

By Dr. Donna O’Shea, Chief Medical Officer of Population Health Management, UnitedHealthcare ~ As many Coloradoans make health a focus amid COVID-19, one potentially overlooked priority is to establish a relationship – or re-engage – with a primary care physician. Whether you have employer coverage or benefits through Medicare or Medicaid, a primary care physician […]

Creative Eldering – Dec. 2020 – Your Liver

Think of your liver as your personal chemical processing plant.  It lives in the midsection of your body and works 24/7 doing at least several hundred metabolic processes every day.  It processes chemicals, foods, nutrients, your own natural hormones and biological chemicals, pollutants, medications, various toxins, and poisons as they come into your body.  It […]

How COVID-19 May Change A Trip To The Dentist’s Office

By Kyle D. Bogan, DDS ~ As the coronavirus pandemic swept the U.S., state governments mandated that dental offices open only for emergency procedures. But in the coming weeks, some dental practices may resume regular appointments in individual states where businesses considered “essential” are allowed to re-open.

Breathing to Boost Immunity, Balance & Stress Resilience

By Cate Reade, MS, RD ~ When was the last time you paused to take a deep breath?  With coronavirus on everyone’s minds, now is a great time to focus on diaphragmatic breathing because it’s free, easy to do and is a proven method to boost your immune system (1).  Added bonuses: studies show it […]

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s from a distance

As more and more municipalities enact “stay at home” orders, more and more family members will be separated from loved ones living with Alzheimer’s disease in assisted-living facilities. There are 256,000 unpaid Colorado caregivers who volunteer their time and energy to care for 76,000 Coloradans living with Alzheimer’s, many of them in memory-care facilities that […]

Community Reach Center open throughout COVID-19 outbreak

We at Community Reach Center want the public to clearly know our mental health treatment centers are open, and we will serve them in person. Our mental health services fall into the essential category, and we are purposefully committed to keeping our centers open throughout the duration of COVID-19.

Baby Boomers and Long-Term Healthcare

By Florence Cino, RN & Director of Patient Services for Edison Home Health Care ~ Baby Boomers are in an interesting and precarious position that is unprecedented in modern history. Many people from the baby boomer generation, also called “The Sandwich Generation,” are simultaneously navigating long-term care for elderly parents and a spouse. This is […]

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