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Veteran’s Post

If you have an older ID card issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs, your Social Security number could be at risk for theft. If your card is pre-2004, your date of birth and Social Security numbers are right on the front of the card. Since 2011, the VA hasn’t issued ID cards with those […]

Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week: January 13-17

The Internal Revenue Service uses your Social Security number to make sure your filing is accurate and complete and to see that any refund you are due is handled properly. If your Social Security number is lost or stolen, an ID thief may use it to report their earnings under your number and/or to claim […]

Get Your Social Security Benefit Verification Letter Online

~ Social Security Today by Monica Ochoa ~ Do you need a letter from Social Security verifying your benefits? The fastest, easiest, most convenient way to get a benefit verification letter these days is to go online to You may need a benefit verification letter for a number of reasons. Perhaps you need proof of […]

Helpful Videos from the Social Security Administration

~When To Start Receiving Retirement Benefits~     ~Medicare Enrollment Periods at Age 65~    

Perfect Recipe For Retirement

~ Social Security Today by Monica Ochoa ~ Succulent turkey, savory stuffing, green bean casse­role, sweet potato and pumpkin pie. Every family has its Thanksgiving dinner traditions. If you plan poorly and wait to throw the bird in the oven at the last minute, you will end up with a turkey of a dish. The same […]

Social Security Today

~ Reflecting on 78 Years of Social Security ~ ~ By Carolyn W. Colvin
, Acting Commissioner of Social Security
 ~ There are special moments when people look back and evaluate a life or an era: birthdays, class reunions, holidays, anniversaries. Time is, after all, simply the stringing together of a number of events, some small, […]

Legal Lines: Mandatory Reporting of Elder Abuse

Question: Who must report what under Colorado’s new law for mandatory reporting of elder abuse? Answer: Between 2011 and 2021, the number of older adults in Colorado will increase 54 percent, according to the Colorado Department of Human Services. As the number seniors in Colorado rises, the possibility and opportunity for elder abuse unfortunately increases […]

Should I Sell My Pension?

~ What You Need to Know Before Buying or Selling ~ Do you receive a monthly pension from a former employer? Are you getting regular distributions from a settlement following a personal injury lawsuit? If so, you may be targeted by salespeople offering you a lump sum today to buy the rights to some or […]

Social Security Today

By Mike Baksa Social Security Administration The People Ask… Question: I’m trying to figure out how much I need to save for my retirement. Does the government offer any help with financial education?

Health Care Proxies and Living Wills: What You Should Know

We are a proud nation of independent thinkers known for getting things done. So why is it that, when it comes to making decisions about our final wishes, we often say “I’ll deal with it later”? Doing so, in effect, means that end of life decisions—advance directives about our health care—are all too often being […]

Consumer Alert!

Online Pharmacies Recently the District Attorney’s Office was alerted to a large distribution of flyers to consumers from a pharmacy not located in the United States.

Fraud Alert: Online Pharmacies

Phishing Scams are Becoming More Destructive If it seems like you are receiving more threatening emails these days, you probably are.

Robbery of a Different Sort

By Fred Joseph Colorado Commissioner of Banking and Securities Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) When asked why he robbed banks, Willie Sutton was reported to have said, “Because that”s where the money is.” But in his memoirs, he denied ever making the statement. He did say that he enjoyed robbing banks.

Reduce The High Risk in a High-Rise

Studies show that seniors over the age of 65 are more likely to die in a fire than the general population. This is especially true with high-rise buildings which pose a challenge to rescue personnel since many seniors who live in high-rise buildings have health issues or disabilities.

Social Security Today

by Mike Baksa Social Security Administration The People Ask… Question: I’m trying to figure out how much I need to save for my retirement. Does the government offer any help with financial education?

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