Retirement And The IRS: What Seniors Need To Know At Tax-Filing Time

Retirement and the effects of aging come with a lot of changes, but at least one thing remains constant.   Every April 15th, Uncle Sam wants to make sure you’re paying any taxes you might owe him.

How to Prevent Medicare Fraud

By Eric Gonzalez ~ Health care has been in the news over the past few years. First the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, then efforts to repeal it, now efforts to undercut it. It is fair to say that healthcare news is often contradictory and confusing. Unfortunately, scammers are taking advantage of this […]

Baby Boomers feeling guilty about the impact of their recycling habits

The analysts at Vivint Solar just released new data outlining how each generation feels about its impact on the environment. According to the report, over half of Baby Boomers were feeling guilty about the impact of their recycling habits and wasting energy in their homes. Additionally, this age group was concerned about leaving a good impression […]

Forecast: Cheaper Gas Coming Soon

Colorado pump prices to dip by at least a quarter ~ DENVER (Dec. 19, 2019) – Good news, Colorado: AAA forecasts that Centennial State motorists will enjoy some of the country’s most significant savings on gas heading into the new year, with pump prices expected to plummet by as much as a quarter in the coming […]

Colorado’s Presidential Primary Field is Largely Set

The field of candidates who will be on Colorado’s first Presidential Primary in 20 years has been largely established. The deadline to file to appear on the March 3 ballot was yesterday at 5 p.m.  “Next year will be busy for Colorado voters, with three statewide elections taking place,” said Colorado Secretary of State Jena […]

Adams County Christmas Tree Recycling

Adams County will offer free recycling for live Christmas trees after the holiday season. Residents may drop off their Christmas trees from Thursday, Dec. 26, through Sunday, Jan. 12, at Riverdale Regional Park, 9755 Henderson Rd., Brighton, from sunrise to sunset. Signs will direct residents to the self drop-off site.

Five Things to Know NOW Before a Loved One Dies

By Gail Rubin, CT ~ Whether a death in the family is expected or a total surprise, you need certain pieces of information about the people you love in order to fill out a death certificate. Gather up and keep this information in an easy-to-find file to make it easier to move through the end-of-life […]

Benefits in Action

Choosing the right health insurance plan becomes more and more important as we age. With many companies selling policies in Colorado, it is important to fully understand what each plan entails and how it pertains to your current situation. Benefits in Action is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide understanding, access, and utilization […]

Resource Fair To Highlight The 30Th Salute March 2

By Eileen Doherty, MS ~ DENVER, Colo. – The Colorado Gerontological Society is excited to announce the launch of a searchable website of housing and home care services that is statewide at the 30th Annual Salute. Individuals looking for services spend endless hours searching for services to help loved ones find the “right” placement or […]

Am I Having a Stroke?

~ By Scott London, MD, Neurologist ~ Do I look alright? Is my face crooked? I feel so dizzy do I seem off balance? Why can’t you understand me when I speak? Stroke symptoms are multiple and serious. In fact stroke, the interruption of normal blood flow to the brain, is the presentation of sudden […]

Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever)

~ By Ken Cohen, MD, FACP, Chief Medical Officer ~ Soon the pine pollen will be coating the cars in the morning. Certain individuals among us will greet the pollen with fits of sneezing, runny nose and itchy, watery eyes. Then there are those who do well until August when the grasses dry out and the […]

Checking Tires Regularly Adds to Vehicle Safety

Taking good care of your vehicle’s tires will save you money and, perhaps, your life. In addition to lasting longer and helping with fuel efficiency, properly inflated and well-maintained tires support optimal handling and traction. No matter how old or new the vehicle, its tires should be inspected monthly and always before a long trip. […]

Some Seniors Can Save Money on Property Taxes

~ By Eileen Doherty, MS ~ DENVER, Colo. – There is an old saying you can “escape everything but dying and paying taxes”. For some seniors, while they may not be able to escape paying taxes, they may be able to reduce the amount of property taxes they owe each year on their primary residence.

Medicare Monday Features 2015 Prices and Benefits

~ By Eileen Doherty, M.S. ~ Denver Colo. – Each year the federal government makes changes to the Medicare. Many beneficiaries are advised to go through the process of determining if they are satisfied with their current coverage with a Medi­care Supplement, a Medicare Advantage Plan and/or prescription drug coverage. The Colorado Gerontological Society is […]

If Something Seems Fishy, Fraudsters are Probably Phishing

~ By Gerald Rome, Acting Colorado Securities Commissioner ~ Gone are the days of pickpockets and purse snatchers. People can no longer protect themselves by simply avoiding bad neighborhoods and locking their doors. Today’s criminals are moving out of dark alleys and in front of computer screens. Their weapon of choice isn’t a knife or […]

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