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Why Your Home’s Health is Important?

For most retired homeowners, living on a fixed-income is truly a challenge. Having little to no extra monthly income to cover unexpected medical expenses, home repairs or even basic needs like food and medicine in some cases. And, many do not have a financial safety net or children that can step in and help, they […]

3 Ways To Prevent The Pandemic From Spoiling Your Retirement – Whenever It Is

By Albert Lalonde ~ The pandemic has brought the possibility that some older workers will have to retire sooner than they planned. One factor is that people 65 and above are considered to be among the highest-risk groups for severe illness from COVID-19. Thus, as the economy opens back up, baby boomers in particular are […]

A Real Look at Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIAs)

“I heard I could get an investment where I couldn’t lose money, could keep up with the stock market, and it was FREE!” Seems made-up, right? Unfortunately, this is an all too common comment in the world we live in. Investors who are looking for lower costs, higher returns, and also safety – all wrapped […]

Financial Focus: Financial Moves for Widows and Widowers

If you’ve recently become a widow or widower, you’re obviously dealing with an enormous emotional burden, and coping with your grief can seem like a full-time struggle. Unfortunately, the business of life must go on – and the financial moves you make at this time can have a big impact on your life.

Don’t Let Mortgage Payments Burn Through Retirement Savings

The total debt burden for Seniors has skyrocketed over the past 2 decades according to data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York published in February, 2020.

5 Financial Pressure Points To Evaluate During COVID Times

By John L. Smallwood, CFP ~ Financial pressure is a part of life for most people, and now the c pandemic has brought new financial pressure points or exacerbated existing ones for many individuals and families. But to navigate those pressures and build a successful financial strategy, you must first identify where the pressures are […]

Estate Planning During a Pandemic: Steps to Take

By Jeremy Laufer ~ The coronavirus pandemic has certainly caused havoc and concern for many people, particularly in regard to their health and their finances – and these two areas intersect in estate planning. So, if you haven’t drawn up your estate plans yet, or you think they may need to be revised, now may […]

Reverse Mortgages Provide Financial Security

By Paulette Wisch, Reverse Mortgage Manager Universal Lending Corporation ~ Frank and Ramona retired from their jobs expecting their Social Security and pension checks would sustain a comfortable retirement.  But about two years ago, rising healthcare costs, increased heating bills, and the need to replace a car left them wondering whether they could make it […]

The Tools for a Successful Retirement

According to a recently-published report by the Society of Actuaries (SOA), more individuals are being tasked with planning for their own retirement – mainly because programs like pensions are no longer being offered. Thus, the need to look for suitable alternatives has never been greater and a reverse mortgage is a key tool according to […]

Colorado Secure Savings Passes Legislature, Heads to Governor Polis to Sign into Law

Advocating for its passage for more than six years, AARP Colorado finally sees bill to help workers save for retirement go to Governor for signature ~  This week, the Colorado Legislature delivered good news to about 909,000 private-sector workers in the Centennial State who don’t currently have access to a retirement savings option at work. […]

Protect Yourself Against Financial Scammers

By Jeremy Laufer ~ It’s unfortunate, but true: During this period of economic uncertainty, one of the busiest “industries” has been financial scamming. But it goes on even during normal times, too, so you’ll want to know what to look for, and how to defend yourself.

Reverse Mortgage – Your Questions Answered

By Paulette Wisch, Reverse Mortgage Specialist ~ What is a reverse mortgage? A reverse mortgage is a loan designed for senior homeowners.  At least one of the borrowers must be 62+ years of age.  It is a loan on your home that does not have to be paid as long as one of the homeowner’s […]

Alzheimer’s Association offers essential legal/financial planning webinar May 18

Today, 76,000 Coloradans are among nearly 6 million people in the United States living with Alzheimer’s disease. By 2050, if no cure is found, that total will approach 14 million. Caring for those loved ones day-to-day is one challenge. Preparing for the potentially astronomical costs is yet another.

Adams County and Maiker Housing Partners Announce COVID-19 Rental and Mortgage Assistance Fund Available to Adams County Residents

As part of the COVID-19 emergency response and  recovery strategy, Adams County, in partnership with Maiker Housing Partners, has created the Adams County COVID-19 Short-Term Rental and Mortgage Assistance Relief Fund. This fund will provide emergency, short-term rental and mortgage assistance to households that are most vulnerable to eviction or foreclosure due to the likelihood of having little savings, suffering loss or reduction of employment, or experiencing housing instability or incurring insurmountable debt due to unpaid rent or mortgage.

What Should Retirees Consider Doing in a Down Market?

The health aspect of the coronavirus affects everyone – we’re all concerned about our well-being and those of our loved ones and communities. However, the economic impact may vary among different age groups – and if you’re retired or about to retire, you might have some special concerns about starting to draw income from your […]

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