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Financial Focus: Can you make charitable giving less ‘taxing’?

By Jeremy Laufer ~ Once again, it’s the season of generosity. In addition to considering gifts for your loved ones, you might want to think about charitable gifts as well. But what should you know before making gifts to charities? And what impact might these gifts have on your financial and tax situation?

Financial Focus®: What should you know about RMDs?

By Jeremy Laufer ~ You may spend decades contributing to various retirement accounts. But for some accounts, such as a traditional IRA and 401(k), you must start withdrawing funds at a certain point. What should you know about this requirement?

Financial Focus® – Consider financial gifts for grandchildren

By Jeremy Laufer ~ If you have grandchildren, you probably enjoy spending time with them and watching them grow. And to help them achieve a bright future, you might like to make some financial gifts — but which ones?    You have several options. Let’s look at three of them:

Financial Focus®: Smart ways to invest in bonds

By Jeremy Laufer ~ Most investors are aware of the different types of stocks: big-company, small-company, technology, international and so on. And it may be a good idea to own a mix of these stocks as part of your overall investment portfolio. But the importance of diversification applies to bonds, too — so, how should […]

Financial Focus® – Retirees: Talk finances with your grown children

By Jeremy Laufer ~ When you’re retired, you’ll likely have some financial concerns — just like all retirees. However, if you’ve invested regularly and followed a long-term financial strategy, you should be able to address most issues that come your way. But there’s one important action that’s sometimes overlooked by retirees: sharing their financial situation […]

Financial Focus® – Biggest threats to a comfortable retirement?

By Jeremy Laufer ~ If you save and invest for decades, you’d like to know you can retire without financial worries. Nonetheless, you still have to be aware of some threats to a comfortable retirement — and how to respond to them.

Financial Focus®: Some ‘did-you-knows’ about estate plans

By Jeremy Laufer ~ If you’ve done any estate planning, or even if you’re just familiar with it, you probably know the basics — that is, a comprehensive estate plan can help you pass on assets to your family while also achieving other goals, such as designating someone to take care of your affairs if […]

Financial Focus®: CDs can be part of your investment strategy

By Jeremy Laufer ~ In the financial world, stocks and stock-based mutual funds often get a lot of attention. And deservedly so, because they often form the core of a portfolio. But to help achieve your goals, you may also want to consider a broader array of investments — one of which may be a […]

Financial Focus: Can you reduce the Medicare surcharge?

By Jeremy Laufer ~ Before you turn 65, you’ll want to become familiar with Medicare’s rules and features. And if you’re a high earner, you’ll want to be especially aware of the Medicare premium surcharge — because, over time, it can add up to some significant dollars.

Financial Focus: COLA is sweet for Social Security recipients

By Jeremy Laufer ~ If you receive Social Security, you’ve probably already heard that your checks in 2023 will be bigger – considerably bigger, in fact. How can you make the best use of this extra money?

Financial Focus: Protect financial accounts from “cyberthieves”

By Jeremy Laufer ~ Cybercrime is booming. In 2021, the FBI reported that cybercriminals scammed nearly $7 billion from Americans — a figure slightly higher than the gross domestic product (GDP) of Switzerland for that year, according to research organization World Economics. How can you protect yourself from cyberthieves?

Financial Focus: Should you consolidate retirement accounts?

By Jeremy Laufer ~ One of the rewards for working over several decades is the ability to contribute to tax-advantaged retirement accounts, which can help provide needed income for you when you do retire. As the years went by, you may well have accumulated several retirement accounts, such as IRAs and 401(k)s or similar employer-sponsored […]

Financial Focus: Don’t overlook importance of cash

By Jeremy Laufer ~ If you’re an investor, you no doubt pay a great deal of attention to your stocks, bonds and mutual funds. But you shouldn’t forget another key element of your financial strategy: cash.  Cash is part of any financial strategy and investment portfolio, but how much have you thought about the different […]

Financial Focus: Sept. 2022

What should Alzheimer’s caregivers know? ~ By Jeremy Laufer ~ If you have a family member who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or is starting to show symptoms, you will face some real challenges. Navigating the Alzheimer’s experience involves a long journey, and there’s no easy answer for how you can cope with your […]

Financial Focus: 529 plans, Underused but valuable

By Jeremy Laufer ~ In just a few weeks, students will be heading off to college – and parents will be getting out their checkbooks. Without a college-bound student in your home right now, you might not be thinking much about tuition and other higher education expenses, but if you have young children, these costs […]