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Over twenty years ago Jerry Caruso walked into the oncology ward at Children’s Hospital. It was a life-changing experience. He saw a roomful of children of every age with one thing in common. They all had cancer. At the time, he wanted to help them all, but wasn’t sure how. The memory of the visit stayed with him and in 2007 he realized how he could make a difference.

Jerry was contacted by Vicki, a hematology-oncology nurse at Children’s Hospital. She asked if he could supply an entertainment center so the children could watch TV and movies plus have room to store books. Jerry made a visit to see exactly was needed and saw a room full of very sick children from as young as 2 to teenagers of about 16. He carries that memory everyday, it’s the reason he wants to do more to help children with cancer.

Jerry was introduced to Dr. Tom Smith, of Childhood Hematology Oncology Associates (now part of Children’s Hospital Colorado). He told Jerry the greatest need was giving support to families with a sick child. Dr. Tom explained that all the family efforts are concentrated on the child with cancer while other siblings lose their attention, an usually the families struggle financially. Dr. Tom’s own office staff has taken ip collections to help the families who were most in need.

For many families, cancer takes all their time, energy and finances. Typically there is little of nothing left over for necessary bills, like rent, mortgage or electricity or for the expense of travel to doctor’s appointments for those families who live far away. Often times careers are put on hold and jobs are lost due to the toll cancer takes on parents tending to the needs of their cancer-stricken child.

In 2007, Jerry and his wife, Karen founded the Caurso Family Charities to help families who have a child with cancer. They wish they a cure can be found for this devastating disease. In the meantime, they put their collective efforts into helping families cope with the financial burdens that many times bring additional hardship to these already suffering families.

They wish they could do it all themselves but the they would only be able to help a few. Unfortunately, the needs are much greater. It is why the Caruso Family Charities was founded, so they could provide assistance to many more families who need help.
Your donation will make help make this possible.

Caruso Family Charities Mission
Caruso Family Charities is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to financially assisting families who have a child suffering with cancer. We help mainly Colorado families but also families of children being treated in Colorado. We partner with the Rocky Mountain Childhood Cancer Foundation to cover a range of needs for these families.

The financial needs vary from family to family. Everyday living expenses, like groceries, rent, insurance payments, phone or energy bill, insurance co-ops, gas and tuition are common. Sometimes hotel stays are needed if the family lives away from the treatments their child needs. We have even purchased an airline ticket for a mother in Virginia.

Our mission is to help relieve some of these financial pressures so the family can concentrate on taking care of the needs of their sick child.

Contact information for Caruso Family Charities:
By Mail: Caruso Family Charities, 9138 West 6th Avenue, Lakewood, CO 80215

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