Caring for Denver Foundation Seeks to Invest $10 Million in Supports to Improve the Provision of Care

Denver, CO – Caring for Denver Foundation is seeking to partner with organizations and agencies to increase Denver residents’ ability to find accessible, community-informed mental health and substance misuse care through a new Care Provision funding opportunity. The funding aims to foster a continuum of quality care that reflects, represents, and values unique cultures and needs, while also supporting caregivers with training in trauma-informed practices, and resources to reduce turnover and burnout.

The Denver community defines how Caring for Denver addresses the city’s mental health and substance misuse needs. Building on priorities identified through a robust community engagement process, the Foundation interviewed community thought partners to define Denver’s current care provision needs, which include:

  • Trusted, accessible care that fits Denverites’ needs;
  • Care providers that have what they need to provide high-quality, culturally informed care; and
  • More effective coordination between available resources to ensure the consumer comes first.

“Now more than ever, Denver needs care provision that understands and reflects the needs of our communities and ensures when someone reaches out, they can connect with needed and trusted mental health and substance misuse supports,” said Lorez Meinhold, Executive Director of Caring for Denver Foundation.

“It’s a challenging time for all of us. This funding seeks to make it easier to find the right care that people need and meets them where they are,” said Rep. Leslie Herod, Board Chair of Caring for Denver.

Funding for this initiative is currently open for applications, with a deadline of March 18, 2020.

About Caring for Denver Foundation
Caring for Denver Foundation was founded and funded with overwhelming voter support to address Denver’s mental health and substance misuse needs by growing community-informed solutions, dismantling stigma, and turning the community’s desire to help into action.

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