Can you Grow and Eat Flowers?

 05/03/2015 | 02:10 PM 

~ By Carol Giambri ~

news050315Here, in Colorado, we still have time to start a garden from seeds or buy flower plants. Challenge yourself to have edible flowers and use them in your meals, decorating a table, making flower arrangements, preparing essential oils or herbal medicines. Know what you are doing before experimenting with things that appear foreign to you such as making essential oils or herbal medicines. Right now, I would suggest buying plants with our short growing season. Did you know that there is such a thing as edible flowers? After many years of taking classes I have become a lover of flowers in my salads mainly.

Wherever you get your seeds or flowers here are some tips. Don’t pull the “friendly” dandelion, that can be an annoying visitor in your yard. Use it in your salad only if it is within 50’ from traffic and unsprayed. It is free for your picking too. I use its leaves and flower in my salad and in my smoothie too.

Here are some edible flowers to look for:

  • Nasturtiums. They come in various colors. And, bitter to my taste buds. All parts of this plant can be eaten. They dress up a boring salad to become an ornamental one. Some call it a peppery taste like watercress. If you wish to cook with it, use it in a stir fry. Eating mainly raw foods I would add it to my raw, vegan salad or dress up my plate of foods.
  • Roses petals. I have used them in fresh salads too. As you can tell I mostly add flowers into my raw salads since that is my quickest way of preparing a meal. I found them to have a sweet taste.
  • Marigolds. Bitter taste and comes in various colors.
  • Violets. Sweet taste.
  • Pansies. They are all edible. Use in salads, on a cheese dish for color and eating pleasures. Some even make a pansy oil using olive oil as a base after the flower is crushed in a blender. Refrigerate for a few hours and when taking out of refrigerator let it warm up a bit naturally.
  • And, now a salute to basil. I have bought large basil plants that produced flowers fast and I got to enjoy their flowers, leaves and stems in my food prep. I love their scent.

Before you eat any flower make sure it is edible. There are many flowers that come from trees or herbs (plants) that are considered edible. Never assume as some are poisonous as the daffodil is but lovely as a table center piece.

I hope this opened you to the world of edible flowers in your kitchen, home or a gift to give away.

Until next time, get or stay healthy, enjoy being outdoors and smile as you are alive.

Carol Giambri

Carol Giambri

Disclosure: This information is written exclusively by Carol Giambri, published author/copywriter, eats healthy, gardens, loves buying frugally, and exercises. You are not welcome to copy it. Most of her food budget is spent in the Produce Department. Carol believes you can live on a budget, be healthy and happy as best as you can each day of your life. Always remember your pets as you are their caretaker as she loves dogs. Carol can be contacted best through email:

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