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Beautifying Northglenn: Call for Artists to Enhance City’s Traffic Boxes, Applications Due June 6 ~

Northglenn, CO, May 16, 2024 – The City of Northglenn, in collaboration with Northglenn Arts and Humanities Foundation (NAHF), is excited to announce an open entry competition for artists to participate in a transformative project aimed at beautifying the cityscape. We are seeking qualified artists or artist teams to enhance the visual appeal of traffic signal and utility boxes across the city through vibrant vinyl wraps.

 This initiative aims not only to beautify these urban fixtures, but also to cultivate a sense of identity and community pride among Northglenn residents and visitors. Artists are encouraged to submit proposals that incorporate elements of wayfinding, walkability, and a cohesive theme that reflects the essence of Northglenn.

 The selected artist or artist team will have the opportunity to design vinyl wraps for 25-30 locations, each contributing to a unified visual narrative that celebrates the city’s unique character. Designs should incorporate iconography, imagery, and motifs that resonate with the community, while also serving a functional purpose in guiding pedestrians and enhancing the city’s aesthetic appeal.


Interested artists or artist teams are invited to submit their portfolios, demonstrating their qualifications and past works, via the Café website at Application materials must be received by June 6, 2024, at 5:00 PM MST to be considered. Late submissions will not be accepted.


Submissions will be evaluated based on the artists portfolio using the following criteria:

Form: Visually engaging and contextually responsive designs that create a sense of place and produce high-quality, innovative artwork.

Function: Artworks that effectively represent the project’s purpose and are functionally appropriate for their intended canvas.

Environment: Designs that demonstrate an awareness of the surrounding environment and positively respond to site conditions.

Process: Demonstrated ability to collaborate with stakeholders, meet project requirements, and execute the project within the timeline and budget.


Up to five artists or artist teams will be selected for a short presentation and interview process. The final selection will be made by a committee comprised of residents, City staff, NAHF members, and others.


Funding for this project is provided by the City of Northglenn, Adams County Open Space grant funds, and the Northglenn Arts & Humanities Foundation (NAHF). The NAHF, established in 1990, aims to promote cultural arts programming in the North Denver Metropolitan Area communities.


For additional information about the project, please contact Director Michael Stricker at 303-450-8727 or The Northglenn Arts office is located at 1 E. Memorial Parkway, Northglenn, CO 80233.


Selected artists will enter into a contract outlining their responsibilities, including artwork ownership, restoration, and promotional use by the City of Northglenn and NAHF.

 We look forward to seeing portfolios from talented artists who share our vision for enhancing Northglenn’s public spaces.

Northglenn, CO, is a city of 38,900 residents located 13 miles north of downtown Denver. Northglenn is a diverse and welcoming community that celebrates its small-town character, urban energy, and thriving businesses. Learn more by visiting Like us on Facebook @cityofnorthglenn and follow us on Twitter @northglennco.


The Northglenn Arts & Humanities Foundation (NAHF) is a 501(c)3 organization that provides funding for dynamic theatre, public art, and other cultural endeavors in our community. NAHF was founded in 1990.  Learn more by visiting Like us on Facebook & Instagram @northglennarts.

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