Bump Keys Threaten Lives in Every Community

~ Tips on how to protect yourself ~

Super Grip Lock Security Co is providing this information because the public needs to know that bump keys are putting families at great risk in every community..

Why Every Family Should Be Concerned About- Bump Keys:

Anyone can purchase bump keys online. They open deadbolts and passage locks nearly as fast as a working key. This is why SGL has taken on the task to inform the Media and every Local Newspaper in the United States. As they have always supported their local communities in a time of need and bump keys threaten the lives of nearly every family in America.

Every Family Needs to Know These Facts:

Bump Keys are easy to use. They open locked doors nearly as fast as a working key and criminals can purchase them online.
The government has done nothing to inform the public nor have they made bump key sales illegal. This means families must depend on their Local News Source to warn them about bump keys and inform them what they can do to protect their families.

Supporting Facts- Bump Keys in the News:

Bump key crimes have been on the news in random areas as the problem continues to grow. Right click or copy/paste the Bump Key News link below as reported by ABC News in San Francisco. See how fast a news reporter with zero experience can open a locked door while working at a relaxed pace at https://supergriplock.com/abc-news-report-on-bump-keys/.
You may also enter the keywords “bump key news” in your internet browser to view the above link and other trusted news sources who have warned their limited audience about bump keys.

The Issues and Problems:

1 Most families are still uninformed. They don’t know bump keys open deadbolts and passage locks nearly as fast as a working key. They trust their standard deadbolts to keep them safe. They are unaware that the times and technologies have changed. This is the very reason why millions of families throughout America are at risk and why the public needs to be informed as soon as possible.

2 Most families and some reporters may not know that chain locks or slide bar locks are also easily defeated. Once the door is open the screws that hold the chain or slide bar locks in place can be pulled out with a good push or a pry bar placed in the opening can do the same. Once the door is open the chain or slide-bar lock is easily snipped.

The Solutions- How to Protect Yourself and Your Family:

1. Homeowners should install quality Bump Resistant Locks. These locks have been specifically designed to resist bump keys from opening them. Bump Resistant Locks can be purchased in lock shops, hardware stores and online.

2. If you rent or cannot afford Bump Resistant Locks then consider using Super Grip Lock. This is a $10 strap that easily attaches to existing deadbolts. It secures the deadbolt handle when it’s locked to keep the bolt engaged. When the bolt is engaged the door cannot be opened until the strap is removed. Super Grip Lock is industry-tested, police-endorsed and can be viewed online at www.SuperGripLock.com.

Why The Public Needs To Be Informed

Prevention comes when the problem and solutions are understood. Being informed has never been more important than it is today. Knowing the facts about bump key and knowing how to protect yourself can save your life. It can also make any community a safer place to live.

Prevention is what keeps families safe as Benjamin Franklin stated, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is why the public needs to be informed.

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