Boulder Valley Spellbinders Promotes Volunteering at Boulder Senior Law Day

Boulder Valley Spellbinders Chapter Leader Anne Feist and Denver Chapter Leader LaRene Wolfe at the Spellbinders booth during the Boulder Senior Law Day event, held at at Calvary Bible Church in Boulder on August 9th

Boulder Valley Spellbinders Chapter Leader, Anne Feist, and Denver Chapter Leader, LaRene Wolfe, at the Spellbinders booth during the Boulder Senior Law Day event, held at at Calvary Bible Church in Boulder on August 9th

Spellbinders®, an award-winning national program that builds literacy and community connections through storytelling, recently participated in Boulder Senior Law Day hosted by the Calvary Bible Church in Boulder.

Attendees who visited their booth learned that as volunteers they can share the rich oral tradition of tales that teach and enchant.  Spellbinders® volunteers usually adopt a classroom and tell, rather than read, stories to students.  Working with teachers, volunteer storytellers enhance literacy, stimulate imagination, and broaden multicultural understanding. Working with seniors in assisted living communities, volunteer storytellers encourage community involvement, the ideal of service and inter-generational understanding.

A Spellbinders Volunteer:

  • Learns many types of stories (fables, folktales, and fairytales)
  • Has access to extensive collections of stories and online resources
  • Tells stories on a regular self-chosen schedule to students of the Boulder Valley School District
  • Shares information and develops relationships with teachers, students, and other storytellers
  • Has opportunities to tell for local community events
  • Receives plentiful training and support:

√ 12 hours of instruction and practice prior to telling
√ consultation with a Certified Spellbinders Trainer
√ the opportunity to shadow experienced storytellers
√ the chance to attend monthly chapter meetings with mini-workshops
√ interaction with fellow volunteers for story ideas and suggestions.

Feist encourages anyone who is interested in storytelling, literacy, or service to the community to attend a free event which will be held from 4-5 pm Thursday,   September 11th at Villas at the Atrium, 3350 30th Street in Boulder.

To register for this free event please contact Anne Feist at or 303-886-8169.   Refreshments provided.

For more information on Spellbinders visit

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