Boulder Valley Spellbinders ® Oral Storytellers workshops

Parents and grandparents will have a unique opportunity to learn the art of oral storytelling by attending Boulder Valley Spellbinders ® Oral Storytellers workshop at Frasier in Boulder in January.

For the 2018-2019-year Spellbinders ® visited 22 schools in the BVSD visited 131 classrooms and had a total audience of 34,133 listeners.

The 42 storytellers in the Boulder Valley chapter typically visit kindergarten through fifth grade once a month in a 30- minute story session. They also volunteer at community events, museums, senior centers, libraries and independent living communities.

“We’re always looking for more storytelling volunteers,” says Anne Feist. The chapter is conducting a training session Jan 25,26,28 and Feb 2. 

For more information contact Anne at 303-886-8169 or email

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