Boulder-based Sticker Control Announces Beta Test Launch of New App, SafeAna

Sticker Control is inviting older adult communities, in home service providers, and day programs to participate in beta testing of the app SafeAna.

SafeAna is an app that supports communities and other service providers know that their care teams are completing their daily tasks in real time. The app verifies that community and company policies and procedures are being met and patients are receiving the care they need. And as the name, SafeAna, implies, it is a safe grace for those who cannot take care of themselves as well as piece of mind for their families.

As of now, the beta testing is being done on android devices. Caregivers operate the app on a low-cost smart phone or other device and NFC tags are used to identify control points. The NFC (near-field communication) tags can be placed bedside or a location suitable for personalized needs and is about the size of a band-aid. The tags themselves are very inexpensive, accurate, and compatible with the most basic android device. Each tag is associated with a physical location within the database.

The app can also track hand washing and alert managers to minor problems before they escalate. There is also a fixed reader available for memory care patients that can be placed over doorways that will scan an UHF tag and alert caretakers that patients are passing through checkpoints. UHF tags are similar to NFC tags, but can be detected by these fixed readers from a longer distance. They can easily be placed inside clothing. Families can download the SafeAna app and are able to check in that their loved ones are receiving proper care on a timely basis.

SafeAna can utilize existing Wi-Fi to include diagnostic tracking to detect changes in behavior or activity in residents as well as detect falls for immediate attention, even in the middle of the night. 

To install the SafeAna system into your community is simple and can easily be done via zoom. No IT staff is needed, and all information stored onto app is kept confidential. 

To learn more about participating in SafeAna’s free beta testing, please contact:
Barbara Pennell Jaynes or 303-993-7124   
Jeff Beyle   720-432-5001
We Look Forward to Hearing from You

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