Best-Kept Secret: “Athletic Club for Your Mind” in Greenwood Village

Academy course leader Susan Blake-Smith at Greenwood Village

Academy course leader Susan Blake-Smith at Greenwood Village
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It’s “11 for 11”! On Tuesday, May 20th, The Academy for Lifelong Learning is offering adults 11 FREE classes to celebrate its 11th anniversary as the area’s leader in lifelong learning.

Choose from a sampler of 11 morning, lunchtime and afternoon classes, 9:30 to 3:30, at The Academy campus, 8081 E. Orchard Road, just west of I-25. Attend 1, 2 or 3 classes–whatever will fit your schedule. No RSVPs or reserved seats. Classes and ample parking are FREE. Check it all out at or call 303-770-0786.

Ready for a reality check on today’s headlines? On the heels of the UN’s explosive report on climate change, a retired NASA astrophysicist will explore how we can adapt to this global threat. A Russian scholar and recent PBS interviewee will unravel the current crisis brewing between Ukraine and Russia, just 5 days before elections create a permanent Ukrainian government.

On a lighter note, hear a cultural historian’s take on “The Blues: America’s Era of Sound & Sass” and a veteran jazz musician riffing on the history of jazz and swing. Or select from equally exciting samples of upcoming Academy courses and encores of popular offerings, in the arts, economics, WWII history, and medical breakthroughs.

The Academy offers daytime non-credit courses for adults in two 10-week terms each year–all at low cost. The volunteer instructors include current and former professors, research scientists, judges, physicians and teachers, plus lay experts with a passion for a particular subject. Over 1,000 learners enroll each term to explore courses for every curiosity.

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