Become a Foster Grandparent

Foster Grandparents serve a variety of roles in the Denver area community. They serve as motivators, mentors, and confidants to over 3000 children. Foster Grandparents volunteer in Early Childhood Education centers, such as preschools and Head Start programs and in public elementary schools, focusing on literacy and numeracy for at-risk children and youth. For their time and volunteer service, these volunteers receive a non-taxable stipend to supplement their income that does not affect any benefits including their Social Security payments.

Volunteers of America is always looking for more volunteers to participate in our Foster Grandparent program. Those 55 or better, with a love for children and income under $23,540 for a single person household or under $31,860 for a couple, are eligible. Individuals must devote 15 to 40 hours a week at their schools working with children. The program also offers grandparents flexibility for paid time off, paid holidays, trainings and social activities, as well as, transportation reimbursement.

The Foster Grandparent Program goal is to support the community, specifically at-risk children and youth, while also helping those 55 and better meet their social, physical, and financial goals. While the children and seniors clearly benefit from the Program, benefits extend even further out to the teachers, parents, and community as a whole. When our seniors are engaged and active helping children in our communities, everyone wins.

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Grandparent or have a senior in your life who might be, please contact the Foster Grandparent Program at 303-297-0408 or visit our website at

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