Balancing Work and Caregiving

It can be accomplished without tearing your hair out!

~By Jan Somers ~

If you juggle work and caregiving, feel overly stressed and are seeking solutions, you are part of the majority now! Chances are one of your co-workers may be in the same position. When your cell phone rings at work, do you find yourself trying to catch your breath, avoiding the call or feel the start of a massive headache?

Are you so stressed out that you have ruled out the possibility that a coworker just wants to lunch together? If the answer is yes, below are ideas to help you implement more balance between your work and family responsibilities.

Idea 1: Reducing your hours, taking early/late lunch, creating flexible hours/schedule, telecommuting on specific days, or even working part-time for a specific period of time. Some employees have found a way to “trade” a few responsibilities with their co-workers for a short period of time. Be specific about days, hours / timing of possible options. For example: an early lunch, 11:00-12:00 on Monday and Thursdays. Purpose: communication with medical personnel, financial institutions, family members, etc.

Idea 2: What is the possible impact of the proposed changes on your attendance, quality, and quantity of your performance? Remember, these are the elements that all employees are evaluated on. Be honest.

Idea 3: Ask yourself the following:  If I were the supervisor, what response would I have to the proposed changes?

Idea 4: Meet with your supervisor/s and inform them you are overseeing the care of your family member. Provide your proposal in writing.

Idea 5: Speak to HR dept re: job sharing, family leave programs, reduction in hours & 4-day work weeks. 

In an AARP 2019 research program 61% of family caregivers caring for adult relatives/friends are employed when acting as a caregiver. This is an estimated 29.2 million employed caregivers of adults. Approximately 57% employees are expected to be a formal caregiver by 2024; 58% female; 42% male.  For more information:

Jan Somers is an Aging/Geriatric Care Manager, she has worked with caregivers, seniors, families and healthcare professionals by providing comprehensive evaluations, resources and guidance to ensure the health, safety and well-being of seniors experiencing challenging situations. For more information or to schedule a Geriatric Assessment visit –


  1. I routinely freely advise that caregiving is a tough job in the best of times and situations. Sometimes it is difficult to maintain a positive attitude given the many challenges associated with being a caregiver. Whether you are a caregiver or not, living through a pandemic has made the need for positivity and balance in our lives more of a priority.
    Take time also to read my blog about
    Finding Balance While Caregiving Hope it helps. Thank you.


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