Back to the Basics

Anything surrounding health and wellness can become overwhelming, can’t it? “Do this, not that.” “This exercise eliminates fat here.” “Do this exercise if you want to lose weight.” And the list goes on. With all of the conflicting fads and opinions hanging over us, it’s hard to know what is right. So, let’s go back to the basics! Let’s focus on the physical activity we KNOW is good for our health.

1) Cardio! Anything that gets your heart rate up for a prolonged period of time—Walking, swimming, cycling, or an arm ergometer (arm cycle or crank) if you are unable to move your legs. Use the talk test to determine your level of intensity: Ideally, you should be able to carry on a conversation at a normal rate.

2) Strengthen your muscles through activities of daily living! Dust, vacuum, open and close the windows for better air circulation, garden, pull weeds, march in place and stretch during commercials or while the coffee is brewing, cook with heavier kitchen tools…Live your life to the fullest!

3) Bottom line? Just MOVE! What’s more important than a formal, intentional exercise session? Simply getting up and moving throughout the day! Sedentary living (sitting disease) is shown by research to be a major cause of most current health issues, including obesity, heart disease, depression and diabetes. Living more actively throughout the day is better for your health than just “working out” once but otherwise being inactive.
Aging Well in Jefferson County is a strategic planning project focused on developing and implementing strategies to create inclusive, livable communities through sustainable partnerships and integrated services. The Basic Needs Workgroup is one of six Workgroups addressing all aspects of life for aging residents in Jefferson County. For more information, contact the Aging Well coordinator, by emailing us, visit our website We’re also on Facebook – follow us @JeffcoAgingWell.

Authored by Nutrition Services staff , Volunteers of America

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