Baby Boomers feeling guilty about the impact of their recycling habits

The analysts at Vivint Solar just released new data outlining how each generation feels about its impact on the environment. According to the report, over half of Baby Boomers were feeling guilty about the impact of their recycling habits and wasting energy in their homes. Additionally, this age group was concerned about leaving a good impression on their children and grandchildren with environmentally-conscious behavior.  

You can review the full report here:

Some additional highlights for this age group included:

  • Nearly half (41%) of respondents in the 55+ age group reported feeling stressed after seeing climate change in the news. 
  • 30% of the senior age group said they’ve changed their behavior to appear more environmentally-conscious in front of others. 
  • Senior men were slightly more likely to feel guilty about the environmental impact of wasting energy than senior women.
  • Younger age groups reported feeling significantly more stress and guilt about their environmental impact, but senior age groups still showed strong concern for their impact as well.