Baby Boomers and Options

Baby Boomers are changing the world of retirement living.   With near­ly 78 million baby boomers the sheer power of their numbers is creating significant change within retirement living, with a large impact on as­sisted living specifically.

Boomers have a different set of expectations for assisted living com­munities than those of previous generations.  The industry is quickly responding to these expectations and the result is a very different assisted livingcommunity.

First and foremost boomers value choice.  Assisted living communities are offering more and more options within every aspect of their commu­nity.  Options with dining (casual, formal, take out, room service), options with social programs (physical fitness, educational seminars, live enter­tainment, trips), options with medical services (physicians on-site, well­ness fairs, physical therapy services) and housing options (efficient studio spaces, spacious two bedroom/two bathroom spaces).

At Lowry Park Independent & Assisted Living we also value hoice.  We offer all of the mentioned options for the people we serve and much ore.  We are constantly asking for input and feedback from our current esidents and those who are co­nidering a move to Lowry Park to ensure that we are a dynamic and ever changing community.  Please call us (303.364.8500) to schedule a tour and learn more about our af­fordable independent and assisted living community. We would love to show you around and treat you to lunch!

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