Audio Information Network of Colorado is now Aftersight!

Aftersight is a Colorado-based nonprofit that serves people with blindness or vision loss. Their new name and logo are designed to be more intuitive and memorable ~

Boulder, CO – On January 8, 2024, Audio Information Network of Colorado publicly announced that they are now Aftersight. Aftersight is a Colorado-based nonprofit that serves as a free community hub for audio news, entertainment, and resources. They primarily serve people with low vision or blindness. They also offer accessible print to people with other conditions like Parkinson’s, stroke complications, or Multiple Sclerosis.

Their services are designed to empower people as they age in place. “We try to do as much as we can with audio,” says Kim Ann Wardlow, Executive Director. “Audio can do so much, and thanks to streaming and smart speakers it’s very easy to use. For example, our Audio Editions help people continue to read their local paper or favorite magazine. These are read and recorded by volunteers, and we offer over 100 titles. The same is true for Our Original Podcasts. Originals talk about benefits, share stories, explore accessible technology, and even address mental health. We even offer a virtual support group and virtual audiobook club. About the only thing at Aftersight that isn’t audio based is our White Cane project where we make sure people have access to free, durable white canes to get around.”   

Aftersight’s rebranding is part of an effort to be more intuitive and memorable. Kim Ann continues, “We struggled with recognition as Audio Information Network of Colorado. We found that people never really understood what it meant. And they really struggled to remember it. In fact, sometimes people would see ‘audio’ and would ask us about hearing aids. With Aftersight, we hope we’ve found something memorable and that tells the world that we serve people with low vision or blindness.” 

Aftersight has been a nonprofit for over 30 years and has served people with blindness or vision loss in Colorado. Their work is guided by people from the community, and their services are completely free. Registration is not required, though those who register receive a free smart speaker. Registration is fast, simple, and can be done in-person, online, or on the phone. 

For more information about Aftersight and its array of accessible services, visit their website: They can also be reached by phone: (303) 786-7777. The contact email is:

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