Assisting a Loved one Transitioning Away From Home

One of the most difficult situations any of us will be faced with is making the decision to move ourselves or a loved one out of our home and into a different living community. There are many factors that lead to this decision; most likely this is due to difficulty with continuing to thrive in the current home setting related to decreasing health or the inability to live on our own for safety reasons. With this change comes many questions about how this process works and more realistically, how does one sift through this often confusing and daunting process to make the right decision.

Many of these questions are often center on the care needed for those moving. How do I make the decision on what services or communities best match the need I have for myself or my loved one? The fact is there are many different levels of services provided at communities based on the need, or acuity level, that you have. Some communities offer just basic needs, while others offer a higher level of care and a more complete or holistic approach.

There are many financial aspects that must be addressed to identify if transitioning away from home will be covered by current income, or will there be a need to apply for assistance. If I have to apply for assistance, what am I eligible for and how do I apply? Am I a veteran, if so, am I eligible for Veteran Affairs (VA) benefits? Do I qualify for Federal or State assistance based on my assistive needs and financial position?

Where does one start in relation to the number of communities in the area? Will you or your loved one be able to stay in a community close to family members? Are there any communities that have openings? Which ones are clean, have a good inspection rating and have staff that will care for me or my loved one like my family does? Will this community give me the peace of mind that my loved one is being taken care, similar to the care that I give them in our home?

All of these questions are very real and often times, very overwhelming. Is there a business that addresses and helps with all of these needs, and also has the resources for all of the ÒextraÓ things I need? Will they represent me and my family in a professional and dignified manner? Will they help me, from start to finish in this process; while understanding, listening and being sensitive to our needs? Do they know the community, inside and out, allowing them to help me sift through the dynamics of all the paperwork and differences in each community? Do they have experience, including medical backgrounds, to credibly speak to the community on our behalf? Will they have our best interest in mind at all times?

These questions are all very valid, and require a special business with people who care about our senior community. That business is Assisted Transition; we do all of this, and more.

Additionally, it is totally free to you with no hidden costs. If you find yourself, or know of someone in this situation, give us a call at 720-263-4302 and let us tell you more about how we can help you, like we have with so many others.

About Patrick Parise

I am a Retired Military member with 20+ years of medical background and am looking to continue my life’s calling of customer service to the community.

I have had the distinct privilege of having an opportunity to serve this great nation in the military for over 20 years, while also becoming a professional in the medical community as a nurse. I have worked in many capacities assisting those in need for their continuum of care, including settings in hospital, nursing homes and management experience. I feel this diversity of thoughts and experiences affords me the opportunity to be extremely helpful in your needs for senior placement.

Along with my experience and background, I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Administration with a concentration in Health Information Systems, (BSHA/HIS) and a Masters of Business (MBA) degree.

I am here to assist and transition you, your family and friends into a home environment suitable for the needs you identify. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience so I can help you with your request.

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