Arvada Police warn residents after rash of burglaries

Arvada, CO – The Arvada Police are investigating five burglaries in the neighborhoods bordered by 69th Avenue to the south, 74th Avenue to the north, Independence Avenue to the east and Simms Street to the west.

In each case, the suspect entered the home through an unlocked rear window or door. The burglaries took place overnight while the residents were in the home, unaware of the crime until they awoke the next morning.

“It’s a good reminder why it is important to close and lock the doors and windows to their homes,” said Detective Kevin Burke of the Arvada Police. “We often see these crimes when the weather warms up and in more affluent areas where residents have a greater sense of security and are less likely to secure their residence.

“Criminals are always on the prowl. If you make your property and vehicle difficult to access and make valuables difficult to find, you decrease your chances of becoming a victim.”

Earlier in June, the Arvada Police launched a public service campaign to increase awareness of crimes of opportunity that often happen with warmer weather.

Crimes of opportunity are committed without planning when the perpetrator sees the chance to commit the act at that moment and seizes it.

“These acts have little or no premeditation,” said Commander Kathy Foos of the Arvada Police.

Arvada Police are making courtesy calls over the next several weeks when they see open door, windows and garages to educate residents about the risks of crimes of opportunity. A double-sided flyer was created with tips on how to not be a victim, when to report suspicious activity and other resources available to residents.

“Crime prevention is a community effort and we look to citizens to help us in these efforts,” said Foos. “By making people aware, we help to mitigate their risk of becoming a victim.”

About Arvada Police
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