Are You CarFit?

Did you know that a typical driver makes 20 decisions per mile, with less than half a second of reaction time to avoid a collision? At any age, we need to ask ourselves this question: Am I a safe driver? After all, most of us want to make a responsible decision to protect others and ourselves when we drive. Age can affect our ability to sense, decide and act. It is a fact of life that people grow older every day. With increasing age come changes in physical, mental and sensory abilities that can challenge a person’s continued ability to drive safely. But there are a variety of SAFE travel options for people of ALL ages. The real need is a BROADER AWARENESS of the solutions, rather than a narrow focus on the problem.

For many Americans, a driver’s license is considered the first outward and visible step toward becoming an adult. Understandably, many older adults who are told to restrict or stop driving respond strongly to what seems a threat to freedom, spontaneity, and even their roles as respected adults. But driving is a skill that can and should be continually improved. There are many resources available to help seniors or “experienced drivers” keep their driving knowledge fresh and get the most out of their vehicles, while reducing risk to them, their passengers, and others on the road. As a person ages it is important to know and understand how to adjust for slower reflexes, weaker vision, and other changes. Driving represents the ability to maintain connections, contribute to the community, and participate in meaningful activities. So how can YOU be a SAFE driver?

CarFit is an “educational program that offers older adults the opportunity to check how well their personal vehicles “fit” them”. The CarFit program is designed to provide a quick but comprehensive check of how well you and your vehicle work together. A trained CarFit technician will ask you simple questions and complete a 12-point CarFit checklist such as helping you adjust your mirrors to get rid of any blind spots. The entire process only takes about 12 minutes. The technician will recommend any car adjustments or suggested adaptations. The CarFit program will also provide information and materials on community-specific resources that can enhance your safety as a driver and/or increase your mobility in the community.

There are two CarFit stations set-up on a monthly basis through DRIVE SMART. There is a CarFit every second Saturday of the month at the Senior Resource Center at 3227 Chase Street, Denver from 9am to 3pm and a CarFit station every third Friday of the month at the Senior Resource Center on 10181 B West Bowles Avenue in Littleton from 9am to 3pm. Call today to make an appointment – Jan Douglas at 303-957-8430 or 303-674-9683 or email at

For more information on CarFit and to find other CarFit events in your area, please visit their website at

And for more resources on safe driving as you age, visit at

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