Are you a fan of Western History?

The Ghost Town Club of Colorado is an active and energetic group of people with diverse backgrounds who share a love of Western history and it’s historic sites.

The club holds monthly business meetings featuring programs on historic subjects and conducts field trips to sites throughout Colorado, the United States and Canada. Field trips take place throughout the year and are usually to sites pertaining to Colorado history.

Historic preservation is also of prime concern for the Ghost Town Club of Colorado. Often times preservation work is done in conjunction with field trips. Also once a year the club distributes its preservation funds to nonprofit historical sites in need of financial help.

e Club holds ten regular meetings per year on the second ursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at Grace United Methodist Church, 4905 East Yale Ave, Denver. If you are interested in Colorado history or are interested in historic preservation you can join the club and be part of it. For more information go to or call 303-589-9088 or email to:

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