Archdiocese of Denver Receives Communication Grant

Chicago-based Fraternal Awards Communication Grants to 7 Dioceses including the Archdiocese of Denver ~

National Catholic Society of Foresters (NCSF), a nationwide fraternal life insurance company in Mt. Prospect, Illinois, has selected seven (7) dioceses to receive a communication grant – each worth $1,500.

The seven awardees were chosen for their innovative and engaging communication plans to connect and resonate with Catholics in today’s modern world. Among these seven was the Archdiocese of Denver! The Archdiocese of Denver will use the NCSF grant to go towards a communication tool created by The Denver Catholic, the media and information arm of the Archdiocese of Denver. With over 570,000 Catholics in the Archdiocese of Denver, and covering a territory with 149 parishes, the Archdiocese was faced with the challenge of delivering consistent, succinct, and accurate communication. By initiating an archdiocese-wide communication via smart phone text and email they can uniformly communicate with parishioners – also, the parishes can communicate more precisely with parishioners and the Archbishop can have a direct line of communication with parishioners if needed. The NCSF grant will help contribute to fund the development and implementation, allowing the system to be provided to the parish at no cost to them individually.

The other awardees, and their communication efforts, in no specific order are:

The Archdiocese of St. Louis will use the NCSF grant for targeted social media marketing campaigns. While the general use of social media outlets is cost-free, targeting specific groups with specific messages, at specific times, for specific results is not. The grant from NCSF will go towards a positive message, timely works, and the role of the Church in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. As part of the comprehensive communications plan of the Archdiocese, the campaign will highlight the positive and beautiful teachings of the Catholic Church with regard to marriage, life, and personal freedom; to clarify, instruct, and engage younger adults who can take what they learn and instruct others.

The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis will use the NCSF grant for a multi-media installment of The Catholic Spirit’s 15-part series on the works of mercy. With the working title “Have Mercy,” the multi-media series will include a story; photos; slideshow, video or pod cast; and a catechetical explanation of the work of mercy and its importance. For example, instead of focusing on a ministry program itself, the story will dig into the person behind the ministry … how they began doing it, how it has changed them, their most challenging moment, their greatest reward, what they have learned and why the ministry is important to the Church. The aim is to help readers move beyond perceiving these acts of mercy as “service projects” – to instead see them as a transformative lifestyle of mercy that we are called to as Christians.

The Diocese of Cleveland, Ohio will use the NCSF grant for online streaming services. The streaming services for the Diocese of Cleveland would include unlimited streaming for 12 months, along with the purchase of necessary streaming equipment and technical support. The live streaming of Diocesan liturgical, sacramental, and special cathedral-based events would be embedded on the Diocese of Cleveland’s website and made available to anyone wishing to view them. This also includes an archive of past broadcast to allow them to be viewed after the events have concluded.

The Diocese of Fort Wayne/South Bend will use the NCSF grant to help promote their production “Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy”. The production is a one-woman live performance by St. Luke Productions, based on the life and message of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938) – a Polish visionary whose personal encounters with Jesus have inspired a devotion to Christ’s mercy. A parallel modern story within the drama will offer audiences a compelling personal connection to the current moral issues of our times. The grant will help make the story of Saint Faustina and her encounter with Jesus and His Divine Mercy for all sinners, accessible to over 2,000 people who experience this unique and powerful show.

The Diocese of Fresno, California will use the NCSF grant for a televised program for young adults on KNXT Catholic Television. KNXT Catholic Television is owned and operated by the Diocese of Fresno. Their programming is broadcast 24/7 and is also available via cable, satellite, live streaming, Roku, and YouTube. They have developed a television program in cooperation with the Diocese Youth/Young Adult Ministry that explores current issues from a faith perspective. The program will be recorded on-location in a “coffee house” setting and will feature a panel of young adults and special guests. The program will also utilize social media to engage the audience. For instance, viewers will be invited to contribute to the dialogue through Facebook posts, Instagram images, etc. The NCSF grant will be used to purchase suitable LED lighting instruments for this production. Without this equipment, production values for the program would be very difficult to maintain consistently.

The Diocese of Sacramento will use the NCSF grant to boost posts on Facebook that promote parish and Diocesan classes; conferences; programs; and retreats for youth, young adults and families. Covering over 20 counties and 40,000 square miles, the Diocese of Sacramento found Facebook to be an effective means of reaching and resonating with today’s youth’s parents, teens, and young adults. The NCSF grant will allow the Diocese of Sacramento opportunities to advertise more effectively and to a much broader group especially with boosted/advertised posts. Specifically the grant will allow the Diocese of Sacramento to promote 30-50 faith formation opportunities between September 2015 and May 2016 in English and Spanish.

National Catholic Society of Foresters recognizes the importance of ‘getting the message of our faith’ out to all Catholics. “Our communication grants,” said NCSF COO Lisa M. Bickus, “enables awardees to pursue the important work of each individual diocese; so that they may be relevant, engaging and authentic with their own unique audience.”

ABOUT NATIONAL CATHOLIC SOCIETY OF FORESTERS: Since 1891, National Catholic Society of Foresters has provided low-cost, comprehensive insurance protection and fixed-rate annuity products for Catholic families. NCSF is licensed to do business in 17 states, serving nearly 30,000 members residing throughout the U.S.
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