“Antique Quilts and Tall Tales” – Aug. 11, 1-3 p.m. at Rogers Hall, Lyons, CO

Antique Quilts on display. National quilt expert and small town families to tell background of the unique collection. Silent Auction. Light Food.  $10 donation. Proceeds go to Oral History Project.

Locally-made Antique Quilts will be on display, presented by Lyons Redstone Museum staff, as part of a special event being put on by the local, very popular Lyons Quilting shop, 42 East Main. The quilt shop will have 100 modern quilts on display outdoors. The dual event takes place on one-day, Saturday, August 11. The Redstone Museum will be presenting the antique collection from decades past, which will line the walls of Rogers Hall, 408 High Street.

Half of the collection are treasured quilts, never before seen publicly, from local households, going back generations.  The other half are from the collection of a quilt expert. This will include one owned by Daniel Boone, and another from the Civil War, buried in a wooden box. The museum will also display its collection from the Older Rural Women’s Quilting Community exhibit, done for charity in the 1980s.

Nationally-known collector and presenter of quilts, Jeanne Ann Wright, will be speaking about styles from different decades and the exciting tales behind her quilts and the Lyons quilts. Observers can view and learn about the vintage styles, like patchwork, appliqué, Mariner’s Compass, Honeycomb, Wedding Ring, and more.

No quilts are planned to be for sale at this time. There will be a Silent Auction. A donation of $10 at the door is requested. This is a fund raiser for the Town’s Oral History Project. Sixty video interviews of original Pioneer Families have been completed, with a dozen left to do. Many of the past participants have passed away, and it is the aim of the project to complete the remainder within the year. People can see the early interviews on DVDs at the museum, daily.

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