American Vein & Vascular Institute Strives to Make Health a Priority with Free Vein Screenings

Do you experience achy or restless legs? Do you suffer from swelling, cramping or throbbing in your legs or have large, bulging varicose veins? These are symptoms of vein disease.

Take advantage of free vein screenings at American Vein & Vascular Institute. This includes a brief ultrasound of your legs and a consultation with one of our medical specialists. You will learn as to whether you are a candidate for a more comprehensive evaluation.

Nearly 30 million Americans live with vein disease. It is common, chronic, hereditary and can be life altering. A normal, healthy vein has valves that keep blood flowing in the correct direction – from the feet back to the heart. Vein disease occurs when either (or both) the valves or vein walls weaken, stretch or become damaged. Blood can flow backward, causing “venous reflux.” Venous reflux can increase pressure in the veins, causing more stretching, twisting and swelling. This process leads to a variety of vein disease symptoms, including:

  • Ankle and leg swelling
  • Throbbing in the legs
  • Heaviness
  • Aching
  • Numbness
  • Fatigued legs
  • Restless legs (especially at night)
  • Cramps (including night cramps)
  • Itching and/or burning
  • Skin pigmentation or discoloration
  • Skin thickening or hardening

The good news is that vein disease is treatable and most therapies can be completed in the time it takes to have lunch. “Vein and vascular disease affects everyone differently. Our patients receive personalized attention with a custom treatment plan to benefit their total health goals and not just leg pain,” said Dr. Gordon Gibbs, Owner and Chief Medical Executive at American Vein & Vascular Institute. “Our team of medical experts perform the latest therapies to remedy vein disease. Treatments are quick, minimally invasive and covered by most insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid.”

Serving several Colorado communities, our medical providers and staff are trained in the latest vascular disease diagnosis and treatments. Call 720-230-0760 to schedule your Free Screening appointment today.

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