Amazon’s Not So Prime Day Alert

By Beth McCann, Denver DA ~

If you were a Prime customer last year, a new phishing scam may be coming to you in an email phishing scheme.  Scammers are sending mass emails– that look just like they are from Amazon.  The realistic email thanks the customer for making a purchase last Prime Day.  The email then invites the Amazon customer to write a review of last year’s purchase and by doing so, the customer will receive a special $50 “bonus” credit for doing so. 

The email will look like Amazon.  BUT- if you click on the link you will get directed to a criminal’s clone of the Amazon site. The site is all set up for you to put in your private login credentials and just like that, you are hacked.  
Here are the clues that this is not legit:
1. The email never mentions the particular item you purchased.  Amazon knows EVERYTHING you’ve every purchased and is quick to tell you. Not mentioning the purchase is very un-Amazon.
2. We’ve told you never to click on a link without first verifying that it is a legit hyperlink.  Hover over the link in the URL.  If it doesn’t show, then step quickly away from your keyboard before you click. 
3.  Do your research.  Amazon NEVER pays customers for reviews. 
Bottom line: To be ultra safe when surfing or shopping, do not click on a link.  Instead, type in the web address directly into the URL

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