Aging Well – Oct. 2020

By Amy Miller, LCSW ~

The effects of COVID-19 have had a profound effect on our lives.  In addition to our normal activities being disrupted, the virus has also taken a psychological toll.  The fear that we or someone we love could contract the virus, the anxiety of not knowing when things will go “back to normal,” and the addition stress placed on us because many of our usual supports (family, friends, service providers) are not as available can take a toll if not proactively managed.

In order to support the mental well-being of the community during this stressful time, Jefferson Center has come up with innovative solutions and creative partnerships to help make mental health support more accessible than ever.  

On Thursday mornings, in partnership with Jefferson County Public Libraries, Jefferson Center clinicians lead a call-in meditation, where participants listen as they are guided through visualization exercises that help relieve anxiety and reduce stress.  Anyone can access the call, which runs from 10:00-10:30, by calling 303-502-5189 (there is no registration required).  Additionally, recordings of previous meditations can be found on

Jefferson Center has also created webinars on a variety of topics to provide information and skills on how to cope with these uniquely challenging times.  The list of upcoming and recorded webinars can be found at .  Topics include “Taming the Anxious Mind,” “Parenting in a Digital World,” “Getting out of a Funk,” “Coping with Unemployment,” “Improving Sleep,” and many others.

Jefferson Center has also adapted to COVID-19 by offering new options to deliver care.  Clients have the option to receive services in the office, by phone, or by telehealth with a video device.  Additionally, Jefferson Center has telehealth stations, in which a client can use a computer in a private office at one of our locations to videochat with their provider.  If you are interested in connecting with a counselor, you can call Senior Reach at 720-595-0880 to learn more.

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