Age Tech: 2021 and Beyond

By Patrick Baker ~

What is Age Tech? Age Tech is technology and services designed with and for older adults. Age Tech helps older adults live independently for longer. It also helps families, caregivers, and senior care professionals better manage care.

Age Tech products include:

  • Mobile apps for caregivers and family members to communicate and stay informed of an older adult’s well-being.
  • Devices for instant video communications with family and caregivers.
  • Wearables and other technology for fall detection and vital health data collection.
  • Systems to monitor older adults’ well-being and report their activity or lack of activity non-invasively.
  • Wellness apps that promote physical and cognitive care for older adults.

Age Tech is a rapidly expanding part of both the technology and eldercare markets. My research led me to several highly informative resources on Age Tech – especially The Gerontechnologist (

Gerontologist and entrepreneur Keren Etkin founded The Gerontechnologist and wrote the forthcoming book The Age Tech Revolution. She produces an annual Age Tech Market Map covering a wide swath of Age Tech market segments, companies, and products worth exploring.

Using Etkin’s map as a guide, this month’s column discusses some of the Age Tech products and services that emerged in 2021 and how they help older adults and their families.

The Age Tech Market
The Age Tech Market Map divides the Age Tech market into numerous segments, including health and wellness, senior living, and many others. This column will focus on products in these specific areas:

  • Caregiver Support
  • Rehabilitation
  • Fall Prevention
  • Tech-Enabled Homecare
  • Cognitive Care

Outpatient is an app where caregivers collaborate and share information and tasks while caring for an older loved one or client at home.

Key features:

  • Outpatient is HIPAA-compliant.
  • Create a caregiver team to share information and assign tasks.
  • Record medical information and prescription dosages.
  • Send group or direct messages amongst the care team members.
  • Schedule an activity, event, or task and verify if completed.
  • Use the Dashboard to monitor completed activities.

More info at

WizeCare provides physical therapists an app for patient homecare that includes video, AI patient analysis, and patient reporting.

Key features:

  • Therapists create personalized care plans.
  • Video movement analysis highlights observable physical concerns for the patient.
  • Runs on standard mobile devices.
  • Track patient progress using detailed reports.

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Nymbl is a fall prevention app using a combination of physical movement and cognitive tasks to retrain an older adult’s balance reflex by focusing on the cognitive component of balance.

Key features:

  • Nymbl adapts to the older adult user’s individual needs.
  • Designed for ease of use – add Nymbl’s 10-minute sessions to a regular workout routine.
  • The app provides feedback as users progress through the program.
  • The app is free through many healthcare plans or municipal programs.

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MindMate is a total wellness app intended to promote cognitive and physical well-being and forestall the effects of dementia, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s. MindMate is available for Windows PC or iPhone.

Key features:

  • Plan daily activities for mental and physical well-being.
  • Use brain games, videos, and articles to support mental acuity and learn more about maintaining cognitive and physical health.
  • Use daily workouts to keep physically active and healthy.
  • Use suggested recipes for maintaining a brain-healthy diet.

More info at:

Future AgeTech
Ms. Etkin’s Age Tech Market Map covers a broad swath of the Age Tech marketplace. This article is only a sampling of dozens of products and services currently available and coming in 2022.

Future editions of the map will likely include products with touchless wellness monitoring, fall detection, and other innovations. Integrated sensors and services in homes or institutional settings are already becoming a seamless part of our aging-in-place infrastructure.

We will see a time when we regard Age Tech the same as indoor plumbing, running water, internet, and utilities – fixtures and services we take for granted.

Note: Mention of any product in this column is not an endorsement. I do not receive compensation from any companies for products cited in this column.

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