Age-Friendly Jefferson County

Aging in a community that is inclusive, accessible, and supportive helps strengthen the well-being of all citizens. On Tuesday, June 11, Jefferson County was designated an Age-Friendly community by AARP and the World Health Organization’s Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities . AARP representatives, Bob Murphy and Roberto Ray, presented the certificate.

As a member of the WHO Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities, Jefferson County will be part of a growing global movement of communities, cities, and other sub-national levels of government striving to better meet the needs of their older residents. By joining the network, Jefferson County commits to sharing and promoting the values and principles central to the WHO Age-friendly approach, implementing the four steps to create age-friendly local environments, and actively participating in the network including the sharing of experiences with other members.

Jefferson County’s most recent efforts to become a more inclusive community began in January when Aging Well and Jefferson County Council on Aging (JCCoA) applied for the AARP designation. For many years, Aging Well has conducted research on the community and the various factors that allow for the well-being of all ages.

As Aging Well and JCCoA continue this journey to grow the Age-Friendly community, they will embark on a multi-step process of improvement. This process entails forming a steering committee, including elected leaders and planning committee comprised of citizens and stakeholders from the community. Aging Well and JCCoA are inviting all interested community members to join the planning committee and help create an age-friendly action plan.

The plan will address the needs of the community and solutions that can be implemented to satisfy the AARP’s 8 Domains of Livability. As a part of this membership, Aging Well’s planning committee will look to develop domains such as accessible transportation, outdoor spaces & buildings, housing, and civic participation.

Diverse citizen engagement in this project can help Jefferson County create an inclusive environment and ensure communities of all ages thrive. For more information and to get involved email

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