After 40-50-60 years, how do you Prepare for a Move?

According to the news, houses in the Denver area are selling faster this Spring than anywhere else in the country. If you have decided that you don’t want to rattle around in your big house one more cold winter, deal with shoveling sidewalks and driveways, pay high electric and gas bills, or not be able to get out for groceries or to meet friends, then it is time to prepare to move.

However, before you call movers, there are so many decisions that you should be focused on. Take time to research communities and make your decision only after visiting and looking at different apartment models, trying their meals, and talking to current residents. Denver has many wonderful retirement communities to fit all different life styles and life needs.

Once you decide where to move, take the reduced size into consideration when making decisions. For example, your current house may have 3000 square feet of living space and lots of storage. Most apartments will be much smaller and have little or no storage. You will need to decide on whether you will cook or eat your meals in the community dining room. Will you have or need a car? Will you need a garage? Many things to think about.

Don’t skip these important steps! #1- measure. You will want to get a floor plan for your new apartment and measure furniture pieces you want to take so you only take what will fit. Keep in mind if you use a walker to leave at a minimum 24Ó to flow around furniture. #2 – downsize by going through every room, closet, drawer, nook and cranny in your house. That way you keep the items that are most important to you, but purge all the clutter collected over many years. Sorting through all of your collected possessions can take weeks. Engage your children’s help or #3 – call a Senior Move Manager for assistance. SMMs are experts at de-cluttering and size planning.

While sorting through your lifelong collections may be tedious, we guarantee your transition will go much smoother, it will be better planned out, and your new home will be comfortable, not cluttered or unsightly. Senior Move Managers can help you sort, find resources to dispose of your non-essentials, and arrange your move with professional movers. SMMs can pack, oversee move day, and unpack and set up your new home, including hanging pictures. They will do whatever you need assistance with.

We encourage people to do this entire process while you are capable of deciding when and where to move, and what you prefer to take with you. Moving can be an exhausting task, but doesn’t have to be if you use a professional move manager.

Communities tell us that clients moved in by a SMM are not as exhausted or stressed as those who do it themselves. Their boxes are unpacked and all belongings put away in a day or two, while others are still unpacking themselves for weeks after they move. Our clients are ready to jump into community life quicker, and they get involved faster. In addition, with the SMM’s help, they clear out and sell their homes quicker than those who do it themselves.
Senior Move Managers are happy to be able to help their clients over the moving hurdles for a smoother transition to their next chapter in life.

Jeanine Plumhoff and Betty White are Senior Move Managers that have owned Smooth Transitions Denver since 2007 and have moved hundreds of people. Call us for a free, one hour consultation at 303-674-0250. Let us help you plan the next chapter in your life!

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