Affording Senior Living: There is a solution and help available to find it

With life expectancy in America at an all-time high new questions have arisen about where and how seniors can enjoy and afford the best lifestyle for the balance of their lives. Questions about senior health now share the same breath with “can I afford senior living?”

“What most people fear will be a daunting task of researching, selecting and affording a senior living community almost always has an acceptable solution,” says Al Conder, Sales and Marking Manager at Sterling House Brighton. “More than anything, our role here is to help people find the best solutions for themselves or their loved ones.”

Funding senior living can be done in a variety of ways, from personal savings and the sale of a home, to government funding and family support.

“Social Security and Veterans Aid and Attendance are two key government programs that people often use to fund senior living solutions,” says Conder. “Other options include life insurance settlements, reverse mortgages, bridge loans, long-term care insurance, and pensions and retirement plans. Our residents often use these either alone or in combination.”

Decisions as to where one can get the best care at a rate they or their families can afford are compounded by a myriad of factors relating to the health of the individual at the time of entry into senior living, the financial situation of the individual and potentially that of his or her family, and what kinds of assets they have or government support the prospective resident is qualified to receive. In some cases, there are opportunities for two residents to share a suite, which helps to minimize the monthly cost for each of them.

To be sure, there are many decision triggers which enter into the dialogue on the topic of senior living – and there are many different kinds of senior living communities, depending upon one’s needs. These include active adult communities and age-restricted senior apartments, as well as senior living and retirement communities offering lifestyles and care options that range from independent living to assisted living to Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

“We understand the complexities of shopping for senior living, as well as the challenges of wading through all the options, needs and financial issues,” notes Conder. “That’s one of the ways we can help those who are shopping for senior living, by advising them as to how to find a solution that is both appropriate for their needs and affordable for them as well.”

What: Affording Senior Living: There is a solution and help available to find it
Round Table Dialogue and Brunch

When: June 29, 2013 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Where: Sterling House Brighton
2215 East Egbert Street
Brighton, CO 80601

Who Individuals and families considering senior living options

Why: Learn about various senior living housing, service options, costs to expect, and financial support

Contact:  Al Conder 303-637-9500 aconder @

Event Description:

Speakers will include:
Al Conder, Sterling House Brighton, Sales and Marketing Manager

Key topics:

  • Senior Living and care options
  • Cost
  • How to pay
  • Determining the next step

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