Advocating and Educating our Older Adult community on Denver’s newly proposed Housing Prioritization Policy: Ways you can get involved!

CGS is following closely with The Department of Housing Stability (HOST) as they currently propose a new city policy: Housing Prioritization PolicyThis policy would provide households at risk of or who have been displaced from their neighborhood or from the City of Denver new priority access to newly developed or preserved affordable housing.

Our agency is wanting to know if you or someone you may know has been displaced or forced to move from their neighborhood in the City of Denver due to involuntary reasons such as:

-eminent domain,
-historical red lining practices and/or racial segregation, 
-unable to afford housing costs,
-other reasons not mentioned,

Please call our office at (303) 333-3482 and ask to speak to our Affordable Housing Coalition Project Manager, Madisen, or email her at for more information regarding ways you can help us advocate for older adults and affordable housing!

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