Advent Radio Players, Radio A B B W, Presents: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

“The Adventure of the Iron Box”

The Advent Radio Players announce their annual Spring production of “Old Time Radio” as they will recreate “The Adventure of the Iron Box, A Sherlock Holmes Mystery”. Using an adapted script of an originally aired program, the Players will highlight the Sleuth Holmes and his faithful companion, Dr Watson.

The performance will be Sunday, May 7, 2017, beginning at 2PM, in the sanctuary of Advent Lutheran Church, 7979 Meade St, Westminster. The production, which will include an intermission, will bring back the created images of the great mystery solver, originally carried over the radio airwaves so many years ago.

JoAnn Bantin, who holds a degree in theatre, is the Executive Director, while her husband, Fred, is the Technical Director. The Bantins have been doing radio plays in a number of congregations. They introduced the concept to the members of Advent Lutheran Church in 2012. Doing a few skits in the beginning, the program has grown to two major productions a year.

Leading the veteran cast will be Dan Keenan and Denny Thompson, as Holmes and Dr Watson. Diane Fuhrman will return to Player productions with the role of Miss Irene Watson, the great, great granddaughter of Dr Watson and the storyteller of this adventure. Mary Chihuahua returns as Sophia and Harold Brown as Sophia’s father. Judy Warhola, Bill Lewis and Sandi Bordner will do the various announcer roles.

Jan Bordner is playing Ian Dunbar, a young lover with a title but no money, with Amy Chihuahua as his young lover counterpart, Dorothy Small. Jo Dreher will be Dorothy’s greedy mother, Lillian Small. Denny Thompson will be Sir Thomas Dunbar, the originator of the Iron Box, and Amy Chihuahua will be his grieving wife, Lady Dora Dunbar. Sir Thomas’ lawyer, Alexander Murdock, will be portrayed by Bill Lewis. Denny Lewis will be Alexander’s great grandson, William Murdock.

Playing guest stars Abby and Martha Brewster are Virginia Feighner and Karen Trinidad/Karen Brown. The villain of this story, John Moriarty, will be played by Mark Moyer. Agnus the maid is Karen Brown. A mystery player will be Sir Walter Scott Dunbar.

Other supporting positions are Everett Brailey as Director, Scott Anhorn in charge of sound, Judy Neve as hostess, and Pam Hammer, backstage manager. Many thanks to Mike Anderson for some creative wood work.

The public is invited to attend the production May 7. During the intermission, light refreshments will be served and there will be a chance for conversation with cast members. A suggested donation of seven dollars per adult, kids free, would be appreciated. Funds raised from the production will go towards a project related to the remodeling of the church basement.

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