Adams/E. Arapahoe RSVP – SHOUT Highlights April 2018 – March 2019.

During the past grant year there were 103637 hours donated by 601 volunteers in nine categories of service.

Meals on Wheels: 47 volunteers helped to deliver meals to 500 homebound clients, donating a total of 8311.75 hours. Surveys were returned by 117 clients, with all indicating that the services provided also increased social ties and social support due to the chance to talk with their MOW drivers which was often their only daily interaction with other persons.

Food Banks: 194 volunteers serving in 13 food banks donated 30085.25 hours of service helping food bank clients. 342 surveys were gathered from the clients at the emergency food bank with all stating that their food security was increased for their families due to the food they received from the food bank.

In-Home Care Services: 24 volunteers provided companionship/aging in place services to 54 clients donating 2726.25 hours. 49 clients returned surveys with all indicated feeling increased social ties and social support due to the services provided by their volunteers.

Community Gardens: 54 RSVP volunteers donating 2507.75 hours themselves and an estimated 305 other volunteers serving in the Adams Community Garden CO-OP’s 15 community gardens donated an estimated 54,432 servings or 6.8 tons of fresh produce to an estimated 550 persons and their families at the gardens or at one of several local food banks that received the produce. 175 clients returned surveys indicating having increased food security as a result of the donated produce.

SWAT Elementary Reading program: 79 volunteers in the SWAT (Schools Where All Thrive) Tutor/Mentor program assisted 533 second and third grade students in seventeen schools across four school districts to improve their reading skills and donated 2865.5 hours of service.

General elementary education: 59 volunteers assisted an estimated 332 elementary students donating 4057 hours assisting in classrooms in our general education program and helping in school libraries, etc.

Recycling: 19 volunteers helped with three jointly sponsored City of Thornton and Adams County recycling events donating 2387.75 hours of service in helping the sponsors to collect 237 tons of electronic and paint waste thus keeping it from being improperly discarded or of area landfills.

Veterans Companionship: 47 RSVP volunteers who are either military veterans or the spouses of military veterans donated 2098.5 hours of service assisting an estimated 150 veterans at the Colorado Veterans Home and in other activities across our project area that provided assistance to military families and older veterans.
Other Community Priorities: 281 volunteers provided 48597 hours of service to hospitals, congregate meal sites, senior centers, non-profit organizations, and more. They helped direct clients, serve meals, teach classes, serve on boards and councils, sang in singing groups performing in nursing homes and other locations, and more.

Value of the RSVP Program April 2018 – March 2019
Total to run RSVP program $102602. $68,800 Federal (67%) $33,802 Local (33%)
$25.43/hr Independent Sector $2,635,489 $10.20 hr Colorado minimum wage $1,057,097

$17.82 hr avg = $1,845,775

Cost/Benefit: Benefits are $18 benefits to each $1 cost for total federal and local costs for the RSVP program.

Cost/Benefit: Benefits are $26.8 benefits to each $1 cost for just the federal share to run RSVP – SHOUT

Cost/Benefit: Benefits are $54.5 benefits to each $1 cost for just the local share to run RSVP – SHOUT

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