Adams County’s Policy on Undocumented Immigrants

Adams County, Colo. – It has come to our attention that there was an inaccurate representation of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office policy on detainers for undocumented immigrants. Recently there was an article published in a Colorado Springs newspaper referencing a court ruling in El Paso County. The article stated, “El Paso County is one of only two counties in Colorado that currently honor ICE Detainer requests (The other is apparently Adams County).”

This is an inaccurate statement.
Adams County was a forerunner in the state when it came to policy change in reference to detainers for undocumented immigrants.

In 2014, Adams County revised its policy to ensure that constitutional rights of inmates were protected while also ensuring that I.C.E. had opportunity to legally detain if they chose to do so.

Our current policy states:
The Adams County Sheriff’s Office will not maintain custody of any inmate solely based on an I.C.E. Detainer and/or Federal Administrative Warrant. I.C.E. shall be notified in advance of a pending release when an inmate’s only hold will be an I.C.E. Detainer or Federal Administrative Warrant. If an I.C.E. Agent is present at the time of release, the agent will have the opportunity to execute their Federal Administrative Warrant as prescribed in Federal Law. If an I.C.E. Agent is not present at the time of release and the inmate has satisfied all other detainers the inmate shall be released in accordance to Adams County Policy and Procedure. Inmates will not be held pending the arrival of an I.C.E. Agent.

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