Adams County Sheriff’s Office Warns of Phone Scams

Adams County, Colo. – The Adams County Sheriff’s Office would like to warn the public of scams that occur this time of the year. We have again received several reports of a jury duty phone scam, similar to the IRS scam. Scammers are calling from a spoof caller ID system to make it look like they are calling locally. The callers are going as far as using actual names of employees from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office to identify themselves.

The callers say there is a warrant for your arrest, for failure to respond to a jury duty summons you received. The caller then asks for you to go to a local Walmart to purchase Green Dot Prepaid Visa cards, which are loaded with a cash payment. The caller then has you scratch off the back of the Green Dot card and call them back to give them that number over the phone. Green Dot cards are not linked to your bank account, so anyone who receives that card number will have access to whatever amount you put on there.

We want to stress to the public that The Adams County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t handle jury duty, the jury commissioner does. That being said, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office would never ask for you to purchase any prepaid money card or ask you for any of your personal credit/bank information over the phone.

If you are ever suspicious of a phone call where someone is asking for money, personal identifying information, or financial information, please immediately hang up and call the Adam’s County Sheriff’s Office or your local law enforcement agency.

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