Adams County Health Department and Human Services Department Working Together to Prevent Residents From Losing Health Insurance

After more than a three-year pause, the Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (HCPF) has resumed the standard eligibility renewal and disenrollment process for Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid program) and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+). The priority for the Adams County Health Department  (ACHD) and Adams County Human Services Department (ACHS) is to keep residents covered and to connect disenrolling members to affordable health coverage.

Resuming standard eligibility processes means Health First Colorado and CHP+ members who do not complete tasks associated with the renewal process, as well as those who no longer qualify for Health First Colorado or CHP+, will be disenrolled at the end of their anniversary month. HCPF will begin notifying those members 60-75 days prior to their renewal month and, over the next 12 months, complete the renewal process for all 1.75 million Coloradans currently covered under Health First Colorado and CHP+. HCPF estimates that over the next year, more than 325,000 Coloradans may no longer qualify for Medicaid or CHP+ and will be disenrolled from these critical safety net coverage programs. 

What can those impacted do?

 The most important thing Health First Colorado and CHP+ members can do right now is to update their mailing address, email, and phone numbers with HCPF and sign up for electronic notifications. The easiest and fastest way to do that is by visiting to directly update their information or call to speak with an agent. Members who are having trouble accessing PEAK can call PEAK Technical Support for assistance at 800.250.7741.

  • Members who want assistance with PEAK or with their renewal packet can contact the ACHD Health Enrollment Team at 303.363.3013, schedule an appointment for virtual or in-person assistance, or contact ACHS community partner, Benefits In Action at 720-221-8354 or visit their website to book a navigator.  
  • Members who receive a renewal packet must return it by the deadlines listed within this important renewal communication. The renewal packet will be sent electronically or through the mail in an envelope with red lettering reading “URGENT – PLEASE REPLY” to indicate the importance of the required, time-sensitive member action. For more information and videos in English and Spanish about the renewal process, please visit
    • Some members will be automatically renewed and will not need to take any action to remain covered.
    • Renewal packets may be delivered electronically to the member’s PEAK account or by mail, depending on the member’s communication preferences. Members who need assistance using PEAK or completing the paper packet can contact the ACHD Health Enrollment Team for assistance at 303-363-3013, schedule an appointment for virtual or in-person assistance, or contact ACHS community partner, Benefits In Action at 720.221.8354 or visit their website to book a navigator.

Healthcare providers and others who provide services to members can help by reminding their Medicaid members to look for and complete their Medicaid renewals this year. They should also encourage them to explore other coverage options if they believe they will no longer qualify for their current coverage. Members who are disenrolling should explore employer-based coverage, individual coverage through Connect for Health Colorado, enrolling on a parent’s plan for those age 25 and under, or Medicare. More information about health insurance coverage options is on the Division of Insurance website

Assistance enrolling in Connect for Health Colorado coverage is available from the ACHD Health Enrollment Team. Adams County residents can call 303.363.3013 or schedule an appointment for virtual or in-person assistance. Assistance is available throughout Adams County from Connect for Health Colorado’s network of certified assisters.

For more information about the renewal process and frequently asked questions, visit For more information about health insurance coverage types, visit the Colorado Division of Insurance Types of Health Insurance Information page. For more information about the Adams County Health Enrollment Team, visit the ACHD website.

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