Abend Gallery Presents Urban Life

 10/07/2015 | 10:24 AM 

Abend-Gallery_100415-1DENVER, CO. – Abend Gallery is proud to present Urban Life, an exhibition that celebrates the experience of living in the city. From the quieter moments in everyday life to the grandeur of an expansive skyline, highlighting the beauty found in the seemingly banal or illustrating the energy and bustle of the street-level intersection, the cityscapes, interiors, and everyday moments captured by this group of artists calls attention to the spaces and places we are so familiar with. We often forget to stop and take a moment to truly appreciate our surroundings when going about our regular routines and this exhibition reminds us to do exactly that.

By taking the time to focus in on smaller details, the way light hits a room at different times of day, an interesting perspective that one doesn’t often register, objects and surroundings can take on whole new meanings when given a second look, as seen in the gorgeous interior scenes by gallery newcomer Gage Opdenbrouw. The artists in this exhibition have cut out moments such as these and put them on view for us all to contemplate and make connections within our daily lives.

Abend-Gallery_100415-2The cityscapes in this exhibition, such as the frenetic scenes of gallery artist Jim Beckner or the deconstructed vistas of San Francisco by Hsin-Yao Tseng, approach these same scenes and, although with their wide scope and larger scale, operate as perfect counterparts to the more intimate scenes. The infrastructure of each city is unique and the streets, alleyways, buildings, shops, and people that inhabit them all play into this notion. By virtue of their particular vantage, there is a lot more to digest when considering a cityscape, the details set the tone, and each artist brings their own set of ideas and preoccupations to the canvas, which in turn influences the viewer’s perception.

Through calling attention to our surroundings on an average day, the viewer can stop and appreciate the objects and places we often take for granted. Today we are so consumed with technology and our cell phones keep us engaged to the point that our environment too often dissolves into background noise, rather than a place to enjoy. Even the hustle and bustle of a city can be beautiful within its chaotic rhythm. By taking the time to put all the distracting elements on hold and take in the world around you, it’s surprising how much there is to discover and explore. The works in this exhibition serve to emphasize that notion and more.

Abend Gallery Urban Life
Opening Reception: Friday, Oct 9, 6-9 p.m.
Featuring: Jennifer Balkan, Jim Beckner, James Crandall, Felicia Forte, Vincent Giarrano, Jane Hunt, Nicolas Martin, Jennifer McChristian, Gage Opdenbrouw, Devon Rodriguez, Kirsten Savage, Robert Spooner, Clyde Steadman, Hsin-Yao Tseng, Tracy Wall, and Joevic Yeban
Abend Gallery Fine Art was established in 1990 and offers an extensive collection of fine art from fresh, contemporary works to traditional, representational paintings and sculpture by national and internationally recognized professional artists.
Where: 2260 E Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80206
Contact: 303-355-0950 | 800-288-3726
Hours: Tue-Sat, 10 – 6pm

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