A Little Help for Older Adults in Denver and Jefferson Counties

A Little HelpA Little Help is an innovative nonprofit operating in Denver and now Jefferson Counties to connect neighbors to help seniors thrive. Grassroots meetings for A Little Help (formerly Washington Park Cares) began in 2005 when a group of retirees recognized the desire of many older adults in the area to stay in their own homes and contribute to their communities. Many of our elders want to age in place and often just need “a little help” to do so.

A Little Help meaningfully connects neighbors of all ages for direct volunteer services, providing increased quality of life with very low cost services to allow older adults to stay independent in their homes and neighborhoods. A Little Help is a bridge between neighbors who can lend a hand and want to be of service and elders who need just a little help to thrive in their communities. A Little Help offers seniors and their neighbors the opportunity to remain safe, connected, and supported while aging in our community.

On an ongoing basis, members of A Little Help can request services like transportation for groceries, doctors’ appointments, or social outings, or tasks like handy and technology help. Members can also engage in social programs and events like the Teen Team, Tough Talk speaker series, and Summer Picnics. A Little Help is also unique in offering its communities biannual Service Saturdays!ª. In the spring and fall, volunteers assist seniors with household to-do lists of indoor and outdoor jobs, like raking leaves, weeding, home organization, and washing windows.

Executive Director Dr. Paul Leon Ramsey speaks passionately about his desire to build stronger relationships between neighbors by bringing together folks of all ages. Paul explains, “We strive to cultivate a sense of altruism and compassion for people of different generations. By working side by side and sharing a meal with people who are seemingly different than us, we can’t help but discover qualities and interests which unite and bring us closer together.”

For more information, visit A Little Help’s website at www.alittlehelp.org or call the office at 720-242-9032. A Little Help has lots of opportunities to volunteer locally and flexibly, including fall Service Saturdays! coming up November 5th and 12th from 8 a.m. to noon. For elders who may need a little help to remain independent as they age at home, please call to learn more about the benefits of membership in A Little Help.

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